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My favourite Hospital Gardens....


By crissue


I had an appointment yesterday at Tour Hospital…and while there took some photos of their wonderful Landscaped Gardens, designed with Patients Visitors and Staff in mind..I have been an in Patient here, and have been lost in thought several times sitting on a Bench enjoying the scenery…I hope you enjoy them…

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That's good you were able to take comfort in the beautiful surroundings...they're very nice for a hospital!

16 Jun, 2011


The design is perfect in as much as all the bedrooms, overlook a part of the the grounds, so you can enjoy from the Window too. (by the way there are no wards in France) they are two bed rooms max..and all Hospital/Clinic grounds are similarly designed, even the Car Parks..The Standard Bougainvillea is one of several there, and they're stored inside somewhere over winter...
Another Hospital In Tour, has an indoor Garden in the Foyer, its time I go, I'll get a couple of photos...Doesn't it make a difference!! - inner peace -

17 Jun, 2011


I think 'Those In Charge' are finally realising that people have a better recovery rate if they can see beautiful things growing. Even being three floors up and only being able to see the top of a tree has benefits! Far better than only having a brick wall as your 'view!' :o(

17 Jun, 2011


wow, wow, wow, stunning. I am with all the above comments, so very true. Soothes the beast in side us. heh!!!

17 Jun, 2011


It just goes to prove that Gardens/Plants/Flowers and Allotments too, do have an important part to play in our wellbeing, even if we always feel cream crackered after a spell of work with them.... :o))

18 Jun, 2011


Amen to all that has been said above. A new hospital has been built in Larbert in Central Scotland and the grounds are being developed to give patients, staff and visitors a better environment but also to encourage the community to do healthy exercise in the grounds. Somebody here has obviously got the message that alongside medicine for the body you need it for the soul too. The local community has been invited to become Friends of Larbert Hospital and help with the development as volunteers.

28 Jun, 2011


Hi Scotsgran...nice to hear from you, and how lovely to read about the ground at the new Hospital being developed for all to enjoy, and an added bonus for the friends of Larbert to help with the development...On Monday this week I was back in the same Hosp...for the day for a small op...and it was a real pleasure just to be able to enjoy once again these lovely gardens, you can't miss them at all, you have to walk though them to get to where you're going, so they are in your face so to speak... :))
When we lived on the I.O.W. The powers that be spent thousands on a hideous structure, than can only be described as similar to a spinning top...what a waste, not pleasing to the eye at good to see more thought going into the needs of all who use Hosp...and Clinics...

30 Jun, 2011


I do so agree. Hope you are recovering well Crissue.

30 Jun, 2011


Yes thanks Scotsgran, I'm fine.... :))

30 Jun, 2011


So beautiful this is such a pleasure and a delight to get to see Crissue thankyou for sharing.

Hope you are on the mend soon .

13 Jul, 2011


Hi Scotcat...Glad you enjoyed the Blog...I'm fine...just have to be sometimes anyways...:))

14 Jul, 2011


That's lovely . . . if only ALL hospitals had the sense to provide such beautiful surroundings. Thanks Crissue - and I've heard that the menus in French hospitals are good too (I nearly said "to die for" but that would NOT be the correct expression!!).

20 Jul, 2011


Hi Sheila...thanks for your comment...Yes you are right the food is good too...and the treatment is second to none...I do get a bit fed up sometimes as I have to go so often, but its the way it is...and I very often sit in the grounds with a Cappachino...with my H or even on my own and enjoy the lovely surroundings...if you're confined to your room, you can view the grounds from your window, which is also nice...:))
The other Hospital I go to has an indoor garden in the Foyer, and that is really lovely too...I'm going to get some photos next time and post them too...

20 Jul, 2011


Well - it must be hard to have to keep going to hospital, but what a good thing there are compensations. It will be lovely to see the "indoor garden" - looking forward to that sometime, thanks!

20 Jul, 2011


Will do Sheila...:))

21 Jul, 2011

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