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my first time planting plants... i usually concentrate on food!


ok so as i said in the title i’m used to growing food not plants/ flowers so please keep in mind this is my first go!
with goodies my mum gave me and a couple of pretties i liberated from work… here goes…

after my birthday Garden’ing’ party last weekend mum brought me a few nice things to plant up in the bed where i had been piling up things that needed to go to the tip.
As i don’t drive and a friend and myself had done rather a lot of work a few weeks back there was quite a lot of waste.
one of the ladies in the flat above asked if i could leave the waste under the pear tree round back to keep it out of sight from people viewing a free flat in our house, i did but the ‘gardener’ (if you call some one who sweeps and cut’s the grass but dosen’t do anything else a gardener?) had other plans and kept piling everything up on the patch i’m now gonna show you pic’s of, as i’ve shown the waste and how it had been cleared in my last blog, i’ll show a pic of the cleared spot and the the past 10 days work…

so as you saw it in my last blog (saturday 25th june)

i had a day off to go to dinner with a friend i hadn’t seen for a long time…!

hitting rubble (27th june)

feeling a bit boo about how much rubble (27th june)

ok so thats part of it out… (29th june, maybe i needed a day to think things over?)

as i’ve started tho i might aswell carry on to see what else i find! (29th june, with my new tools i can get through anything!)

i’ll keep going a bit more…(29th june)

it’s getting dark now so probably time to give up!(29th june)

just as i start filling in one side the other falls in :( tears kinda flow for a bit (30th june)

the sand pit :( (1st July)

17inches, 3 of top soil, 14 of sand :( (1st july)

trying to fill the hole in? it’s dark now tho (1st july)

saturday (2nd july) i slept all day, thanks to the advice of Scotsgran and taking some time to come back with fresh eyes!
i woke up at 8am ready for a good hard day of work…(3rd july)

seven bags of sand out of the hole later… (3rd july)

five bags of top soil… (3rd july)

i took eveything out of the hole and decided to start again with filling it up, mixing one bag sand, one bag top soil one bag 60lt compost (3rd july)

and started filling it up again (3rd july)

the hole filled in! at last lol (3rd july…. yes it was a long day but Yay!)

Yay the yellow Iris are in! shame they’ve finished flowering this year but i hope they come on nice and strong next year?! (4th july)

planning where i should put things, i think i’m happy with this layout (4th july)

ok i’ve gone for it fingers crossed! i’ve still got four months of growing so hopefully things will beef out a bit (if they like their new homes?) (4th july)

white Iris from ma

ladies slipper? one my mum gave me

Crocosmia taken from work, thanks to LuLu33 i know what it is (please see her my first GoY birthday blog!) this one was growing out of a wall so i really hope it takes

Fuschia, a cutting taken from the main fuschia i replanted at work.
it was doing really well in a glass of water in the office but now it’s looking a bit droopy :( i hope it perks up!

a wee hosta ma gave me, unfortunatly the flowers all seemed to have dried up now :(
i hope it perks up in it’s new home

another goody from mum, not sure what it is again tho?

Crocosmia stolen from work hehehe, this one is flowering now tho

my fave Hosta! it’s got centre stage in the schem of things lol

i’m not sure what these are but mum gave me a couple and said the get quite big?

the base of the yellow Iris, i’ve placed some of the stones i dug up around the base of everything i planted, mostly so i remember where everything is next year!

and the chippings are in! thank you Scotsgran for the advice about laying newspaper under the chippings to keep the weeds at bay!
unfortunatly i didnt have enough chippings to cover the whole area, well untill ma and pa come again lol…

the left over bags of sand, i heard if i mix it with grass seed and sow it, the grass should do quite well?

the rubble i dug out

all the stones i dug out have made a nice path where the grass won’t because there’s concreet undreneath

and a nice bin area from the other end

thats it folks i’ve finished it for now, well until ma n pa bring the cainsaw and chipper in the next six weeks or so.
thanks for taking the time to read through all of this!

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You have been busy it is really beginning to take shape:)

5 Jul, 2011


I take my hat off to, you well done. I an tired out from following you!

5 Jul, 2011


thanks Nana d, i'm getting there slowly lol.
Sorry i'm tiering you out Drc, i'm shatterd myself lol. Although now i'm ready to start on the next section!
= )

6 Jul, 2011


Made me feel tired and achy just reading about all your hard work.
Enjoy the Crocosmias! I can send you some seed if you like. I planted seed last year. They grew slowly but have come up this year. Will wait and see if they flower.

6 Jul, 2011


Hard work taking out all those stones, but you did it, You've given your plants a good start in life with the new soil. They should do well :o)

7 Jul, 2011


thanks LuLu thats very kind of you!
atm i'm going to see how well these go this year, work garden seems to have loads of them so i'm guessing the come back each year? i could always pinct a couple more, i seem to have more on the one side than the other atm lol.
thanks Hywel,
i hope they do well, it's been raining quite a bit here over the past couple of days so they should get settled in quite nicely.
ahahaha i said i had run out of chippings but then remembered i had filled the bin i use for my old compost that the veg grows in with them whilst it's not being used atm duh, so now i can lay a bit more lol.

7 Jul, 2011


Well done.It is easy to spot that you are young. It takes us oldies a lot longer to do things these days. You have done a huge amount of work and it shows. I think all of your neighbours are going to be very happy with it next year and you might be able to persuade them to venture out and enjoy it with you.

7 Jul, 2011


Hi Scotsgran!
i think i might have pushed myself a bit hard with all the work i done so i've had a bit of a rest.
this is the bed at the front and whilst i've been out there people have said it's looking a lot better and thanked me for my efforts so that nice :)
i also got some Dianthus to add to it now, just trying to figure out where i want the to go lol.
i've also got some seeds i started off to go in the very front bed along the wall so i'll be busy this weekend again :)

14 Jul, 2011

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