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Fuchsia survivors.


Hi all, Every year i bring in three or four Fuchsia plants to overwinter in my spare S W facing bedroom. Usually in late December these plant still have still plenty of green shoots, so i then take cuttings to rear indoors. i pick some of my favourite types for this then i’m sure of stock for next year. This years choices were Roy Walker. Caroline, and Peppermint Stick.
Here are both parent plants and cuttings.

These sitting on the kitchen table are now ready for repotting, they are Roy Walker cuttings.

This is the cold frame i made last year, it certainly has sprung some surprises this Winter.

These are a few of the 60 odd plants (non hardy) that have not only survived this really harsh Winter but have actually retained lots of their leaves in here.

Amazing, i really cant believe it.
Yesterday i repotted one of the plants from in here, as its pot was way too small, on removing the plant……….horror…..Vine Weevil eggs, loads of them. So Sue and i then spent the next four hours repotting (new compost) every single one in here (hundreds of eggs + a few Grubs). I also have about 40 plants outside on shelves so we decided to soak all of these in Provado and hope !!!!.
As far as the Cold frame is concerned it is made from plastic glass on a wooden frame, with a slatted bottom. Over this we layed a double layer of Capillary matting then potting trays on top with the plants in.All the joints are sealed with draught excluding tape, it really works.
More pictures later.

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Oh! BB I just hate vine weevils. I hope your lovely cuttings are OK. My Fuchsia still looks like a collection of sticks. But hey! it surprises me every year.

9 Feb, 2011


They all look healthy and you have quite a few there.

9 Feb, 2011


Great that your fuchsias survived the winter. I think many varieties are tougher than we think. I brought mine into the conservatory but lots have died because it's too warm and dry in there for them.
I like Caroline and Peppermint stick. I had them once but not now.

9 Feb, 2011


I wondered if Hywel would see your blog, Biker. He grows a wonderful selection of fuchsias.

Mine are all 'minus leaves' in the greenhouse - I'm hoping to get them potted up this week. The hardy ones in the garden - well - let's hope they survived!

9 Feb, 2011


Barbara all mine are in greenhouse and no leaves on them hoping mine have survived, usually they do but it as been very cold this winter as'nt it.

9 Feb, 2011


Mine are like sticks too,and inside a cold conservatory...but today,I saw one was starting to get new growth..:o)..mind you,I almost needed a magnifying glass to see it,but its there.The cuttings I did in a pot within a pot,courtesy of info from Anchorman,are still doing well on the kitchen window sill,but I lost one of them,so 5 out of 6 is good...Yours look great Bikerbob,I'm amazed they survived in the cold frame..sorry about the nasty vine weevil eggs though..ugh..lots of extra work for you too.

9 Feb, 2011

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