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Spring flowers Part 2


By balcony


As we have seen so many spring flowers coming out, at long last, I thought I would make a 2nd blog with the spring flowers that have been popping up here in Huntingdon, East Anglia.

Perhaps we could go for a stroll around town & that way I can show you some of the flowers that have braved the winter & are just coming into bloom.

As I leave my place this is the first thing that catches my eye!

As I walk into town I generally go down a the road, that leads from close to where I live to close to town, called American Lane. This takes about 10 minutes to do on foot. There is one particular garden that has a really lovely display of Crocuses every year & I can never resist stopping to take in the sight.

This photo was taken on the first day of March 2010

This is the same garden just 2 weeks later! Aren’t the Crocuses just wonderful? Of course the crocuses look bigger her because I had to crop the photo as there was too much hedge in it!

I often go through or alongside the Town Park which has the Brook running alongside one edge of it. This park is sometimes flooded by the Brook, like this year:

It hadn’t flooded for at least 4 or 5 years but this year it did & I was able to get a couple of photos of it. Thanks to our wonderful mobile phones & their built in cameras! You no longer have to think about taking a camera out with you!

This was what the park looked like on March 1st this year:-

Just two weeks later I discovered all these little clumps of Snowdrops had appeared!

When I finished taking the photos of the Snowdrops alongside the Brook I crossed to the bandstand.

There I discovered a plaque & the fact there were 12 lovely Silver Birch planted around it. I’d never thought to count them before nor that there might be a meaning to the number of trees – until I read this plaque:-

And of course when you have a lot of humidity in the ground, what do you get? Yes, you get toadstools! but like these???

As I continue down past the park & about to enter the High Street I come across these containers:-

These flower troughs in are in a side street called Grammar School Walk which leads to the High Street. The school Oliver Cromwell went to is on the corner of the two streets. It is now a museum in his honour.

Sorry it’s not a photo of spring flowers but they are of the beginning of last summer. They are not in very good shape this spring.

This is a photo of the Cromwell Museum which used to be the Grammar School which Cromwell attended.

These towers of Begonias are obviously not spring plants but again you’ll have to pardon me taking a little licence. These photos were taken last October.

These towers looked lovely during the summer.Shame they haven’t planted them up with Pansies or Violas.

This flower trough full of lovely Pansies is at the very top of the High Street.

Very close by there is a flower bed with this sign :-

The lovely blue Pansies are looking very nice now. A week or two of warmer weather at this time of the year makes them burst into flower!

This is what it looked like a year ago – as you can see they haven’t changed the planting scheme.

Although these two photos are from last year they are spring flowering Violas. I took some photos last Friday but they came out blurred so I had to delete them. That’s the problem using mobile phone cams they move when you press the button. I’ve had to eliminate no end of photos for that reason. :-(

These two photos were taken at the end of March 2009. They are on a kind of island in the middle of the road that crosses the bridge over the river but also directs traffic around the ring road.

As we go around the Ring Road, in the opposite direction to the traffic, we come across this raised bed which often has floral displays in the form of pictures &/or words. Unfortunately at present there are only Pansies that do not form any discernible picture/pattern. But I’ve photos from other years where the pictures &/or words are perfectly visible.

To finish this walk around Huntingdon I thought I would include two of the flower beds that can be seen where the Ring Road starts at a kind of triangular island bed.

Unfortunately these two photos are not the best these beds normally give. I have put photos from the beginning of March on here but now, at the end of the month & after a couple of mild, sunny weeks, the Pansies must be in full flower but I haven’t taken any more in the last few weeks.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this flower walk around town. I could add many more photos but for this blog to be published this year I need to put an end to it here.

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lovely plantings. they make a welcome splash of colour.

27 Mar, 2010


I really enjoyed this tour round your town Balcony....there are some beautiful planted beds there.....and interesting about Oliver Cromwell.............:o)

27 Mar, 2010


Lovely planting, must be enjoyed by so many.

28 Mar, 2010


lovely photo's

28 Mar, 2010


Thanks for taking us round your town really enjoyed it.

28 Mar, 2010


What a lovely walk around your town, the planting and pictures are lovely and everywhere looks so well cared for, a nice place to live!

28 Mar, 2010


I used to live in Cambridge, but never went to thank you for showing us your town. Nice to see the local council make such an effort. :-)

28 Mar, 2010


Many thanks to you all & I'm glad you liked the "Walk around town". I have so many photos that I could have added but I had to make a selection & publish it before spring 2010 was over! I started the blog over a week ago but other things have taken up my time not least a couple of days on the allotment!

I've started another blog on the allotment now that I've actually been able to make a start. Nothing much to say at present as it's a case of cleaning & digging before anything can be planted. As my friend, Gerry, had to have a serious operation last year the allotment became rather abandoned. Now between the two of us perhaps we can knock it back into shape.

The local council have indeed make a great effort to make the town attractive to residents & visitors. But it is not something recent. They have been hard at it since before we returned here from Spain 9 years ago. Their work paid off last year as we won the Gold Medal for "Anglia in Bloom". (See my blog " We got Bloomin' Gold"). They hope to repeat last year's success & go on to the "Britain in Bloom" competition.

28 Mar, 2010


enjoyed your tour of Huntingdon nice those Toadstools

28 Mar, 2010


The toadstools are made of wood & have been there for about 5 years now. I really ought to get a closer picture of them. I think there is/was a plaque nearby related to them, if there is I'll try & get a photo of it like I did for the bandstand.

Glad you enjoyed the tour. :-) I have so many photos that it was very difficult to make a selection. I also wanted them to be up todate but I couldn't find any decent photos of the places I wanted to put in hence the summer photos in some places that I wanted to include but couldn't find spring pictures for.

28 Mar, 2010


A very enjoyable walk with lots to see. Thank you.

28 Mar, 2010


Your welcome, Hywel. Glad you enjoyed it.

28 Mar, 2010

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