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Say it with flowers


By balcony


Say it with flowers used to be the way that florists got us to buy flowers. But there are other ways of “Saying it with flowers” just look what our council’s gardening folk came up with:

This one was the very first they did – with the World Cup in 2006!

In 2007 they made a tribute to the Boy Scouts Centenary with this display!

Then in 2008 this one marking the 80th anniversary of the Royal Air Force.

This one marks the 800th Anniversary of Huntingdon as a market town.

This one commemorates the 200th anniversary of Captain Cooks voyages ( I think) & his discovery of Australia & New Zealand.

This doesn’t say anything but is just a nice raised triangular bed of flowers at the entrance to Castle Hill. Though I do have a photo of this same bed with the figure 800 in it for the towns anniversary.

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Woow what a wonderful council perhaps other councils should do the same. after all its out council tax!

31 Mar, 2010


So much planning must go into these wonderful plant designs.

31 Mar, 2010


great pics balcony, last year i tried to make a union jack in a bed on plot with lobelia ..i planned it and marked it all was rubbish and cost a small fortune so i know how hard it is to do ..i wont be trying it again

31 Mar, 2010


This is wonderful Bal, our town council no where near as artistic :~((

31 Mar, 2010


Wow! Its wonderful what can be done with flowers! What wonderful
displays...Our Council are not too bad with their Gardening Displays
I wish there was more of them....Nice Blog Balcony. `You live in a lovely
Historic County...Very pretty!

1 Apr, 2010


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

I think we must be pretty lucky here in Huntingdon with our council gardeners they put on some great displays & I like to photograph them - even if I do feel a bit of a fool for doing so!

1 Apr, 2010


You shouldn't feel a fool at all taking photos of them, they're great and it would be very rewarding to the Council workers if they saw you.
They're better than the one a couple of years ago done by a council worker who was being made redundant and when it grew it said 4-letter words to the Council boss! Still clever though.

1 Apr, 2010


Very pretty flower displays..

1 Apr, 2010


Beautiful displays,Balcony,ours in our local villages had the big squre tiered planters last year,and were ajoy to see.We only have the hanging baskets in town,as not really any green spaces like yours,to do that,but still nice to see....

Mad,that made me smile,naughty boy !!:o))

1 Apr, 2010


What a lovely job your council do

1 Apr, 2010


Shame there isn't more space to make up flower beds where you live,Bloomer. They lighten our days so much.

The council also plants & looks after the flower bed in the block of flats where we live. This autumn they planted some pale yellow/cream Pansies. They didn't look like much over the winter but for the last month they have been a terrific display. On dark, gloomy, rainy days they really "light up" & make you cheerful! Without a doubt just a glimpse of them is enough to lift your spirits. :-)

1 Apr, 2010


great flower displays..........

1 Apr, 2010


I forgot about all the beautiful display's of crocus we have in the grassed areas.but as they die down,there is nothing to replace them,which is a shame,but at least we have welcome sight after the winter,much needed too.As you say,Balcony,its lifts your spirits.

1 Apr, 2010


It's nice to see these displays are being kept up in some places. They're a work of art

2 Apr, 2010


I quite agree with you, Hywel! It's nice to see that our gardeners here have some imagination!

5 Apr, 2010

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