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How to get an Encore from your Amaryllis


By balcony


How to get an Encore from your Amaryllis

Coaxing another bloom is not as hard as you think

Unlike tulips and many other bulbs, Amaryllis do not have to have a cold storage or ground temperature to be able to re-bloom. They do like to have a short period of rest, though, at the end of summer to ready themselves for the next bloom cycle. Continue to fertilize and water your amaryllis this summer and let them have plenty of sunshine. For holiday blooms, discontinue watering or lay pots on their sides to encourage a dormancy in mid to late August. After all foliage has dried up and withered, cut it off and store your bulb in a cool, dry place. In October, re-pot in fresh potting soil and water sparingly. Increase watering as new growth emerges and keep bulb in a warm spot. By mid November, your amaryllis should be on its way to a beautiful bloom again.

If you use amaryllis in the landscape in southern zones 8-10, you can leave your bulbs in the garden year round without worry. Amaryllis will naturally start their rest period in December or January at which time you can clip off all yellowed and dead foliage. After a brief rest, your garden will be alive with blooms from March to April.

I’ve copied the above text from a newsletter I get from the Amaryllis & Caladium Bulb Company a few times a year.

The photos are of my bulbs & are, obviously, not a part of the newsletter but I thought I would add them to give the blog a bit of visual interest.

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very useful information for the many on Goy who grow them.

23 Jun, 2015


Thanks for the info .... I will have to buy another plant at Christmas time.... see if I can get it to keep going... :)

23 Jun, 2015


Thankyou Balcony, I was successful last year lets hope for the same later this year....

23 Jun, 2015


Interesting. Thanks for sharing the information :)

23 Jun, 2015


Clever you Dave, how are you getting on with your photos?

24 Jun, 2015


Glad everyone found this information useful. They are not nearly as difficult to grow as many people seem to think & the information I copied to here is basically the same as what I usually do.

As I tell people, they are as easy to grow as Daffodils!

27 Jun, 2015


The very last of my Amaryllis growing at home finished flowering a few days ago & I've since taken it down to the allotment where it has now joined the rest of its companions to spend the summer outdoors & get some useful sunlight.

27 Jun, 2015


I needed this information and was about to Google it.....thanks Balcony.

1 Aug, 2015


You are more than welcome, Linda! :-)) I have posted a lot of blogs on Amaryllis so before looking anywhere else you might like to check them out as they are all based on first hand experience.

If you need any help with your Amaryllis at any time please don't hesitate to get in touch with me & I'll do my best to help you. Even if I can't resolve your doubts perhaps I can find the answer for you on the Internet.

Less than a week ago I discovered another Amaryllis was throwing up a scape (flowering stem) but was bent over a little from being on a lower shelf on some shelving behind the greenhouse on Gerry's allotment. I discovered the shelving unit had a broken leg so I had to remove ALL the pots which was when I discovered the plant with a scape. If I hadn't have had to shift them it could have been a few weeks before I found a flower trying to open. I've now moved it to the greenhouse where it will get lots of light & protection from the elements. There is another one there that is coming to the end of its blooming period. I've now had Amaryllis in bloom continuously from January 1st to August 1st! :-))

1 Aug, 2015


I was in the greenhouse, down on Gerry's allotment this evening & saw that the Amaryllis that I had put in there a few days earlier with a bent scape had now straightened out & I saw that it will be one of the all red ones. A part of the sheath had split & therefore allowed me to see the colour a few days earlier than would have otherwise been the case. :-))

3 Aug, 2015

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