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Plot 12A Marching - marching on!


By balcony


Plot 12A Marching – marching on!

‘Rocket’ seed potatoes on Plot 12A

I planted out my ‘Rocket’ seed potatoes about 10 days ago, on 2nd March. I had intended to plant them a week earlier but the weather was against me:

1st row planted:

2nd row put in:

Both rows now covered up & markers put in place:

Like last year I will put some plastic half hoops over them & cover them with fleece. I didn’t have time to do that on Saturday (9th).

On Saturday I also put in some unknown variety that we got with our weekly shopping some weeks ago. They were New potatoes but a lot of them were sprouting. As I had a trayful of ‘Rocket’ chitting in the kitchen & a 2nd tray with just a couple of rows, I thought I would take a chance on planting some of these. I put some in the 2nd tray & now they are in the ground:

On the subject of potatoes I bought some at a Potato Fair a couple of weeks ago:

They are both maincrop varieties: Picasso & Red Cara:

Picasso had been recommended to Gerry as being one of the best potatoes for our region by a man who grew them all his life so we both bought some:

Red Cara is described as being fairly resistant to blight which is why I bought it. I hope it lives up to its description:

*I left them in the darkest, coolest place in our flat. I took the bag out this morning to find they had all got long sprouts on them! That was a big surprise!

Red Cara sprouting:

Picaso sprouting:

I have nowhere in the flat to put them out in the light so they will have to go down to the greenhouse on the allotment, be put in trays & then covered with a couple of layers of fleece as this week we are expecting sub zero (Celsius) temps all week. :-(( I have no bed prepared for them as I hadn’t planned on planting them till after Easter. The weather has been against us gardeners all winter. I’m at least 4 months behind with the preparation & planting.

I harvested some of the Leeks growing on my plot this month:

I was able to put in a bedful of Onion sets ‘Sturon’ last Saturday, too:

Onion sets ‘Sturon:’

Now in the ground:

Carrots & Parsnips were sown in a very narrow bed that hasn’t had any manure or compost added. I just broke up the soil to the depth of a fork, levelled it off & made a couple of furrows with a hoe & sowed them. As luck would have it we didn’t have a drop of rain in a couple of weeks! Typical British weather!

Although this blog is all about my plot I can’t help but ending with a photo of some Daffodils & Crocuses flowering on my balcony at home as there are no flowers on the plot at the present time.

Though there will be lots of Daffs & some Tulips on Gerry’s plot over the coming weeks

Happy spring gardening to everyone.

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Crikey, u'r advanced.I hope the frost doesn't get them! I won't be planting any for a while although only planting Potatoes in bags again this year as had blight 2 years ago!
You must have a nice soil to be sowing already! our heavy clay won't be ready for sowing for weeks yet!
Good luck with it all!

11 Mar, 2013


Well done... you are very organised ...
ready for all the crops to grow !

12 Mar, 2013


looking good B ! the Fen soil (clay not the black stuff unfortunately) not ready for anything to go in just yet. I have sturon onion sets ready, they do really well here, next couple of weeks should be able to make a start. Good time of year though for us veg growers eh? Great motivation looking at the seeds all lined up in the box ready to sow. I have tomatoes x 5 varieties, chillies & sweet pepper plants all growing well from a January sowing, too early to go into the greenhouse but doing well in the unheated conservatory.

12 Mar, 2013


You have been busy B, great job, hope you get loads of goodies off your allotment. You made me want to start on my little veg plot but it is far too cold for me at the moment and the ground is frozen rock hard. Still having to defrost all water fountains for birds etc. frozen solid again this morning. Milder today with some sunshine but still very very cold. Hope you have a good time today getting your plot ready for more planting. :O)

12 Mar, 2013


Picasso give a marvellous crop, but need using up before January when they go rotten.

I am now a disciple of 'Moon Grower' so have another couple of weeks before the waxing moon March 25th
26th and 27th will then put my first Earlies in.

Then the maincrop April 23rd, 24th and 25th. Which shouldnt need covering.

12 Mar, 2013


Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate them very much. :-))

I've taken some photos of the potatoes sprouting & have now inserted them in the blog above. As they don't quite fill a seedtray altogether I'll try & keep them at home for another week. Being maincrop I had no intention of putting them out till Easter had passed but now I'm not so sure.

As the 'Rocket' are first earlies the sooner they go in the better. They only need about 3 months or so before they can be harvested. As we are having so much cold weather I pulled a little more soil over those that I planted about two weeks ago.

The soil on the allotments is quite loose & the subsoil is gravel & sand. Apparently there used to be a gravel extraction site there that was filled in when the A1 road was widened (it's only 5 miles up the road from us) about 50 years ago, or so I'm told by a couple of blokes that have had plots on there for donkey's years.

Even so after all the 9 months of rain it has been unworkable all winter & that's why I'm at least 4 months behind with the preparation of the plots. It has begun to dry out now but unless I move the soil it won't dry out enough to be workable for several more weeks.

In the summer it looks & feels like grey sand, even so it does give quite good crops even without being fertilized. I'm digging in any compost we have been able to make as well as any horse manure that Gerry can get hold of.

12 Mar, 2013

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