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Bees and flowers communicate


By balcony


Bees and flowers communicate using electrical fields, researchers discover

Flowers’ methods of communicating are at least as sophisticated as any devised by an advertising agency, according to a new study, published today in Science Express by researchers from the University of Bristol. The research shows for the first time that pollinators such as bumblebees are able to find and distinguish electric signals given out by flowers. However, for any advert to be successful, it has to reach, and be perceived by, its target audience.

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I found this very interesting article on the page &, as I’ve posted other times about bees, I thought I’d share it with a larger audience who might appreciate it as well, being as we are all gardeners & the health of flowers & bees interests us all.

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it made me smile to read that flowers give out signals ~ they definitely do that when i go to the GC ~ they signal 'buy me' and think flowers in bunches do the same thing!

22 Feb, 2013


I tend to agree with sticki - not only do they send out signals, they talk to me :)

22 Feb, 2013


Thank you Balcony, nature is most interesting.
Will have a look at the website.

22 Feb, 2013


In that case, Balcony, perhaps I should have a word with the flowers in local gardens and they might tell the bees to tell prospective customers ....."Get Paul The Gardener' in to look after your garden" advertising he he!!!

made me smile...put me in mind of the old song...."Whispering grass.don't tell the trees, cos the trees don't need to know!!!!'

22 Feb, 2013


It was very interesting. There's so much we don't know about nature.

24 Feb, 2013

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