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Hippy, hippy, Hippeastrums!


By balcony


Hippy, hippy, Hippeastrums!

The Hippeastrum Olympics 2012

In case there is anybody who doesn’t know, Hippeastrum is the ‘Official/Botanical/Latin’ name for ‘Amaryllis’.

As it has been a v e r y long time since I last wrote a blog of these outstandingly beautiful flowers I thought the beginning of a new year would be a good time to update my blogs of these beauties!

December 2011:

Just as December was getting underway the last Amaryllis of the year began blooming!

At the beginning of the month the Red with white stripes Amaryllis opened for me!

Towards the middle of the month it stopped feeling so lonely as two more joined in!

At the far end of the month the pure red one just had to get a look in before the Old & New Years exchanged places with each other!

The Hippeastrum Olympics

The Gold Winner

The white with red veining Hippeastrum managed to achieve fame by being the very first of 2012! So it is awarded the Gold medal for winning the sprint by a “nose”!

The Pure Red one however practically tied with the white with red veining one for the Gold medal,

(well we are in an Olympic year!), but it had to settle for the Silver instead!

The Bronze medal goes to the slightly darker, smaller pure red which came in a few days later!

The Hippeastrum Olympics podium

Here we have the three medal winners for the Hippeastrum Olympics of 2012!

Hippy, hippy, Hippeastrums!
Hippy, hippy, Hippeastrums!
Hippy, hippy, Hippeastrums!

Close up shots of our protagonists of these Hippy Olympics

Well we won’t dwell on the rest of the field -
- there are no more competitors! (Yet!)

Hope you liked this light hearted play on the Olympic Games of 2012 to be held in London later this year as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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Well done Balcony..
and none were disqualified for growing in illegal substances... !!!

21 Jan, 2012


No, they were all grown in perfectly legit compost! :-))

21 Jan, 2012


Lol. :o)))

21 Jan, 2012


Ooh they're lovely... I bought two just after xmas already potted because they were reduced from £3 to 70p, it said on the gift box to just water it and I was getting a bit concerned because they're in my little kitchen and one of them is already 21" high and because I haven't grown these before I was debating whether they were going to justify the space they're taking up. Your photos have convinced me that they will :o)

21 Jan, 2012


When we lived in Gran Canaria, these beautiful plants grew in the border reaching a height of approx 2ft. To see them grow in natural surroundings is amazing their colours and strength of stem is astonishing.

We split them and took them from the north of the island to our new home in the south, they grew well but did not like the arid conditions as much as the humid more temperate conditions of the north.

also, the colour was always a very strong orange red.

21 Jan, 2012


I always feel sorry for all the left over bulbs in the supermarkets after Christmas..You see them pushing open the boxes desperate to grow.

21 Jan, 2012


Lovely photos! I hope that's what I've got in store from one of my Christmas pressies. The bulb in its gold pot has thrown up two stalks, now about 8" high which should be red flowers (according to the label). What do I do when the flowers are finished?

22 Jan, 2012


They're all gorgeous Balcony - well done!

22 Jan, 2012


They are gorgeous Balcony, mine still comes up blind every year, now have 3 baby bulblets on the go beside the original, am I wasting my time by keeping them?

22 Jan, 2012


What beauties...

22 Jan, 2012


A competitor may be on the horizon , Balc , a new member posted a beauty today . See Posybeer .
Glorious flowers , with rapid genes for growth . Lovely "stable " you have there !

22 Jan, 2012


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

@ Franny: Please DO continue with them, they are the most friendly of plants & give so much & ask for so little! I'm so glad my blog has convinced you to continue with yours!

When you water do so sparingly, these bulbs hate having wet feet & will rot very quickly. Keep them rather dry. After the flowers are over cut them off & then let the stem die down naturally, don't cut it off before it goes yellow as it's returning nutrients to the bulb for next year.

@ Bilbobaggins: When we lived in Cuenca, Spain there were some Amaryllis growing in the green spaces around the blocks of flats where we lived. Even though Cuenca is much colder in winter than most places in the UK, south of Scotland, these Amaryllis managed to not only survive but multiply! These were red with a very narrow trumpet.

@ Nariz: When the flowers are finished cut them off but keep the flowering stem till it goes yellow. It's returning food to the bulb for next year. Don't water much, these bulbs have thick, fleshly roots which will rot quickly killing the bulb. Put it in a light place & feed occasionally, use tomato or rose feed, lots of Potash is what they need.

Thanks, Sheilar! Glad you like them! I like to share them with other people! :-))

@ Lincslass: Occasionally some bulbs will do that, I had a pure white one that in 10 years only flowered 3 times! Not much you can do except make sure you keep it in a light place & feed it with a high Potash fertilizer according to the instructions on the bottle. Tomato or rose fertilizer is what you want. They also need a few weeks of cold before flowering. About October stop all watering & don't water again till the New Year or until you see some new activity - hopefully a bud! Keep the bulb in a cold but frost free place till you start to water again then move it to a warmer place with lots of light.

@ Lulu: I'm happy that you like them! It's a shame to keep the photos hidden away on the computer when other people can enjoy them as much as I do!

@ Driad: I'm quite happy to have someone else who loves these beautiful flowers! :-)) I've been to her page & left comments on her beautiful flowers!

Just brought a new bulb in from the kitchen window. I'll post a photo in a day or two when it has opened some more. I may be able to add a 2nd one tomorrow & in a few days a third!

22 Jan, 2012


Thanks very much for the info, Balcony.

23 Jan, 2012


Thankyou Balcony,will keep persevering then...

23 Jan, 2012


Thanks Balcony, my tallest one's flower is nearly's beautiful :o)

23 Jan, 2012


Always happy to help where I can! :-)) I hope you benefit from my advice & that your bulbs grow big & produce nice big flowers next year. If you have any questions on these plants I'll try to give you an answer.

23 Jan, 2012

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