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Weeping cherry


When we moved here one of my first comments was “…that tree will have to go.” The slim trunk was about 3-4 foot high with spindly lateral branches as the top and it was stuck offcentre in the front lawn This is only about 12 feet in depth and edges the narrow road of this small pavementless(is this a word?) cul de sac. The tree looked absolutely daft and would take years before it would make an impact. By then I’d probably be pushing up daisy roots and in any case the garden and front room is north facing so a fair sized tree would make it even darker on a dull day.

Well, two years on, the sun was shining and I had a sudden impulse. The tree is now no more. We had to hack at the roots a bit but I hoped it would survive in someone else’s plot. I hate discarding living plants and will always try to find a new home for them.

Thanks to the U3A Garden Club and the power of bulk emailing we instantly found someone (2 people actually) who wanted the tree and it’s now gone to a new home. What we have left is a 2ft square patch of soil with a few bulbs poking through and we’re trying to come up with a simple but effective design. The current favourite is a small rockery but the weather has gone cold again so it might take a while.

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Something tells me that that tree is "going to show you" in it's new residence.

28 Feb, 2016


A wise decision, by the sound of the size and situ of the front garden.
There are so many, out of scale big trees around here in tiny gardens. One, a very mature silver birch is so big and so near the front door of a house, that the occupants have obviously hacked at it on numerous occasions over the years and it is now such a strange shape with lumps and bumps everywhere and devoid of any lower branches that it just doesn't look good at all.

28 Feb, 2016


Have a look on goypedia ( the alphabet below) so much inspiration there, you'll be spoilt for choice 😊

28 Feb, 2016


Loosestrife, I doubt I shall see the tree again and I barely know the woman who took it. If I do see her I shall ask, later in the year, if it survived but my instincts say it will.

Your comment gave me a chuckle though. Thank you.

29 Feb, 2016


Erm, a warning about rockeries - decide what you want to grow on it before creating it, because most rock plants like a sunny south facing position - north facing means no sun through the winter and maybe longer... You could incorporate rocks with, say, dwarf conifers or something though...

5 Mar, 2016


Thanks for the warning. I haven't got as far as choosing plants yet so only have a vague idea of what will go in. Certainly a few bulbs such as Anemone Blanda but I may just end up with greenery of some kind.

6 Mar, 2016

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