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Out into the frozen wastes again


We bought these for our daughter this Christmas, the only sheep she’s ever likely to own and no vet’s bills.

We do occasionally get badgers in the garden, this one doesn’t go anywhere.

Santa has left his cat behind!

As well as my plates of meat, notice the fox tracks. We’ve been hearing screeching and barking for weeks now.

Harbingers of cold weather for us, Reed Buntings came into the garden back in December. We always think the males look as though they are wearing dinner jackets.

Under this lot our pond. There are sticklebacks in there so we have to keep making air holes in the ice.

The same view in Spring. We’re not growing flower pots, they mark where more bulbs are to be planted.

Under here are my broad beans. Already a blackened mess from the hard frost, heaven knows what they will look like when this goes. I went and purchased some more seed today.

A useful blanket of snow over the trough collection, it will insulate the plants from frost. They contain mostly saxifrages and sempervivums

The large bulb frame. I didn’t have enough fleece to cover the bulbs in this one, hence the frozen narcissus you can see through the frosted glass. More fleece bought today and these are now safely covered.

In the front garden, a snowdrop pokes through.

The twisted hazel, plenty of catkins and flower buds, so the squirrels (furry rats as I call them) will be happy this year.

Well, that’s all for now folks!

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Love your garden pets!! sheep are great... :0)

8 Jan, 2010


Hello, galanthophile. I like your pictures, especially the N. cantabricus and the trough garden. I think that we will probably give up on the small narcissus after this third successive hard winter. I find them to be the most tender of my small bulbs and, as I don't use heat, am just losing too many.
I have just checked out your profile and approve of the last sentence ;-))). I am trying desparately to think of a Forumist from Buckinghamshire?

8 Jan, 2010


Your garden looks lovely, snow or no snow. Are the static animals life-size?
They look lovely. It is so hard to imagine warm summer weather isn't it?

8 Jan, 2010


Hi Mad, no the sheep are nowhere life size but hard to tell in the context of the picture. The badger is young badger size though. Thanks for the compliment ( also Sueb). I much prefer the garden without the snow though.
Hi again Bulbaholic. I haven't had problems before with the smaller narcissus, in fact some of them are too succesful and as I don't like to throw bulbs away end up with lots of pots of the same. I wait to find out what casualties I've had this year though. I don't contribute much to the SRGC Forum but follow a lot of the questions and answers. The thing I really enjoy on the website is Ian Young's Bulblog. I've gained so much useful information from it. I did use the Forum to swap some snowdrops a couple of years ago, which seemed to work quite well.

8 Jan, 2010

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