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Even in this weather, gardening jobs to do


-6C overnight and not set to go above freezing. I need to get some fleece on the alpine house plants.
On the way down I notice even the livestock are frozen!

Some of the plants look really beautiful with icy addition

Here’s the alpine house

A tray of cyclamen from Ashwood nurseries, many treasures waiting to flourish, I hope!

Cyclamen seedlings which germinated this year

A Hellebore, also from Ashwood’s nursery, waiting to plant this and a few others out.

Some primula allionii needing attention

A dionysia tapetodes, farinose form, planted in a block of tufa. Looks to be doing well this year, famous last words, and should be closely covered with a mass of yellow flowers come the spring

And so to bed, as much horticultural fleece as I could find over the benches in preparation for the big freeze.

Before I covered up the benches I took some of the primulas in for some grooming. Here’s primula “Wharfdale Buttercup” before and after, along with the mound of dead leaves. The allionii and pubescens primulas take a lot of care and attention but are worth every minute. Buttercup looks to have gone very leggy but I see some good cuttings here.

Here are a couple of better looking Wharfdale hybrids, firstly “ Wharfdale Scimitar”, notice the toothed edging and some buds forming.

Secondly, "Wharfdale Village” with its lovely farinosed leaves. I’ll put some pictures up of these in flower in the Spring.

Well that’s todays blog. Oh, I nearly forgot, some Cyclamen Society Expedition seeds arrived today

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gosh you have been busy. some lovely plants there.
I have a pure yellow ashwood hellebore seedling and its in bud. love the colour of yours.

5 Jan, 2010


That's wonderful to have so many alpines. I hope the fleece helps them through the winter. Your hellebore is very nice.

6 Jan, 2010


The yellow ashwood hellebore sounds lovely Seaburngirl, I've never had a pure yellow one. The alpines/bulbs are a bit of a mania Hywel and have their wonderful times. Hard work though! Hopefully the fleece won't stay on for long.

6 Jan, 2010


Interesting blog, I enjoyed it very much :0)

6 Jan, 2010


Yes, me too - you've got lots of unusual plants there - than's for showing us!

Did the snow get to you in the night? It's here - with a vengeance!

6 Jan, 2010


You certainly are still busy, and what a success you've had with the cyclamen, they look wonderfully strong.
Your blog was very interesting and I'm full of admiration for you.

6 Jan, 2010


Wonderful alpine house and plants. I don't like covering our plants with fleece and try to get it off as quickly as possible. This year I put it on the week before Christmas, God knows when it will come off again!

8 Jan, 2010


That's kind of you Bulbaholic.This is the first year that I've had to swathe everything in fleece. Like you I don't like doing it but I'd rather have drawn plants than dead ones. I'll risk several degrees of frost but have no heat in the alpine house or frames and the forecasts have been horrendous for this part of the country

8 Jan, 2010

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