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By alextb


I have just recieved a call from the Council’s Anti Social Behaviour Team Manager who has informed me that theculrit for most of the harassment and garden damage is no longer living here.

I think thne council finally moved him off.

I do know that he could pop back for visits to friends, but hopefully things will be quietening down, and hopefully I will now get peace. The only annoyances I will have to contend with are any children who think they can pick any flowers during Spring and Summer, but I can easily use a nailgun to nail them to the fences as a warning.

I am so happy he has finally moved away.

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Thats great news for you Alex, perhaps you should plant roses where the children can get to them, then by picking them will make them flower more, or then the thorns could prick them :o))

10 Jan, 2011


I do have 5 roses, 4 of which are prickly. So we shall see.

1x yellow rose bush (not prickly)
1x yellow patio rose (prickly)
1x Red patio rose (prickly)
1x White perfume rose (prickly)
1x purple climbing rose (prickly)

I'll keep the nailgun to hand just in case LOL.

10 Jan, 2011


Lol Alex about the nail gun, your roses sound lovely, Yucca s are a very good deterent, but be careful where you plant it if you do buy one as they grow very big and the spikes are known to burst viens in legs and becareful of your eyes too.

10 Jan, 2011


Good to hear this Alex. Best of luck.

10 Jan, 2011


This is very good news Alex, no wonder you're smiling like a toothpaste ad! LOL
It will be great to come home and not have to wonder what damage you'll find each time :o)

10 Jan, 2011


Thats a relief for you Alex, good luck with your garden in the future.....

10 Jan, 2011


It may be a good to get the children to do a bit of planting etc and then they may not pick the flowers but look after them???

11 Jan, 2011


Thanks everyone, and Jiffy, that is a good idea.

11 Jan, 2011


That's good at last Alex. Here's to a happy and peaceful 2011 for you !

11 Jan, 2011


Thanks a lot Mariek. Everyone has been so supportive, especially when writing blog after blog.

Now, I can move on with my life.

I saw him today visiting someone, and he couldn't even bring himself to look at me.


11 Jan, 2011

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