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Have you ever tried to lasso the moon?


By Raquel


I did…well, lasso it with a camera, which was kind of silly because my camera isn’t very good. So here are three attempts at capturing the moon, with its mystery and beauty (and its LIGHT), taken on March 16, 2011. I hope to add another photo on March 19, when the “super moon” event is supposed to take place – it’s when the moon will be closest to the earth.

In El Salvador we believe the moon influences plants…it influences growth and blooms, unfortunately I don’t remember the rules. But if it influences plants and affects the tides, you can well imagine it must influence us too. No, not to turn us into werewolves!! LOL Simplly as another energy we aren’t always aware of.

Oh moon!

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Hi Raquel - your pictures are very good for being taken on an ordinary camera - well done.

I'm sure the moon does have an effect on everything here because of gravity - after all it effects tides etc so why not us - it would be interesting to set up a study into what happens when say it's a full moon - i.e. plant progress around that time, how you feel etc.

Might do that when I have time one day.

18 Mar, 2011


I will be watching the 'Super Moon' rise tommorow as the forecast is good, we miss so many things like this because of bad weather :o))))

18 Mar, 2011


Hi Raquel, you need to read Moongrowers monthly installments about growing with the moon. I have tried some of her suggestions and they do work. I am not disciplined enough to follow any menu religiously so I could do better. To read her blogs type Moongrower in to the google box, top right, and click Search. Then click on her blogs. Her information is fascinating. Lovely photographs by the way.

18 Mar, 2011


Our sky around here is covered in cloud, so probably won't be seeing the "supermoon". Shame :o(

18 Mar, 2011


Thanks everyone for your comments!
Mariek - it would be interesting to see the effect on us...we also believe there are more births when it is a full moon...It is a digital camera, so that helped...but the picture through the lens was so fuzzy I wasn't sure I had captured anything! The result was better than I had hoped.

Annella, I hope you enjoy the "super moon", I'm looking forward to it, hopefully Houston will keep its skies clear one more night! There is so much pollution is Houston you can't always see things well, and I live close to downtown.

Thanks Scotsgran, I will do that! I am always fascinated by such knowledge and believe it shouldn't be dad still buys an almanac (they still publish almanacs in El Salvador!! something I haven't seen much in the United States, though there was the Farmer's Almanac - maybe it's on-line now, it wouldn't surprise me) and it shows the phases of the moon.

That's too bad, Alextb. =( Maybe the skies of London will clear for just one night?? keeping my fingers crossed for you

18 Mar, 2011


It's supposed to be a clear day tomoz Alex

18 Mar, 2011


YAY! Hopefully I will get to see it then.

18 Mar, 2011


There's a bright moon here right now (early morning lol) I love to see it when it's full :) It's nearly full now.

19 Mar, 2011


We enjoyed a moonlit drive from Wiltshire to Scotland 400 miles on Thursday night /Friday am. This am at 4am the moon was again illuminating the garden as if it was daylight. It does mean very cold temperatures but that is not a problem unless there has been rain earlier in the day which results in black ice on the roads.

19 Mar, 2011


We have had clear skies here for two nights so have been able to appreciate the beautiful moon, Scotsgran is right it was like daylight in a fairytale way..

20 Mar, 2011


The moon here was beautiful, very bright as well...have to do another blog and post the pictures...Glad you also got to see it!!

26 Mar, 2011

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