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Photographic tour August 2011


This is a tour of the garden taken at the beginning of August 2011.

Clematis x jouineana praecox

The front garden.

By the side of the house

Across the Crevice garden

Raised beds of Alpines

Down the Rock Garden

River garden left

River garden right

Purple Cotinus

Lily pond in the Hidden Garden

The rest of the Hidden Garden

Back up the Rock Garden

Entrance to the Yellow border

The Vista

Straight view down the Vista

Across the Sedum Scree

The Yellow border path

Across the Lollipop lawn

Across the Lollipop lawn to the pond

More of the Yellow border

The Gazebo in the Wood

Looking out of the Wood

The New Crevice garden

Along the Boulder bank

From the Trip Trap Bridge to the Summer House

The Wild life pond

Ben and the Boulder bank

Raised bed of dwarf Acers

Summer House patio back to the Pond

Slate bed and Arbour

More of the Slate bed

Along the Shrub bank

The Pergola from the end of the Vista

The Vista from the Swing seat

The cobbled path behind the Swing seat

New path into the Hornbeam Arbour

Alpine growing area.

Small alpine growing area

From the Hornbeam arbour through the old Prairie

From the Pergola along the path to the house

Back down the Pergola

Roadside border and New Forest bed

More of the Roadside and New forest path

And more of it

Field Gate lawn

Bill and Alison’s Arches

The Boulder

The view from the Field gate

Another view from the Field gate

Back along the Old Prairie and New Forest beds

The Gravel Garden

Veg in the tunnel

Alpine House right

Alpine House left

Ferns in the Shade garden

Greenhouse right

Greenhouse left

The Crevice Garden

Raised beds of alpines

Rock garden under the Cherry tree

Vegetable garden

Another view of the Gravel Garden

More Vegetables and Fruit cage

Top of the Alpine Lawn

Bottom of the Alpine Lawn

The New Crevice garden

Top of the Boulder bank

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Now that is a real gardeners delight!! lots of work but what a lovely place to explore and spend time in.

9 Jan, 2012


What a great tour of your garden.A very large area to tend,but must give you immense pleasure and rewards.Will look forward to the spring and summer photos this year.

9 Jan, 2012


Wow - it's massive!

9 Jan, 2012


Lovely and it sure is massive....:>)

9 Jan, 2012


Wow Owdboggy that is my ideal garden, I love it, places to explore, I always think its great when one has to find what is in a garden rather than having everything showing at first glance.
Thankyou for the tour, I enjoyed it, added to favs..

9 Jan, 2012


great way to keep a record of the garden too, a good time to do same for my garden although it is tiny compared with this.

9 Jan, 2012


Huge, beautiful and not a weed in sight - just a question - what do you do in all your spare time???

9 Jan, 2012


I'm well impressed - you have a huge garden with so much creativity we could all visit there and you would never see any of again. Wonderful wonderful :-))))). Owdboggy have you ever considered the NGS? if not you should your garden is so interesting and a credit to you.

9 Jan, 2012


Wow, OB, that is one heck of a garden!

10 Jan, 2012


The garden is about 3/4 of an acre, but the pictures make it look bigger. Having said that I am told that the full tour takes about 2 hours and all day if you are into plants and wish to discuss them in detail.
Bill and Ben are very happy to escort favoured visitors around as long as they sit on the Swing with them for a while.
There are plenty of weeds, just not obvious in the pictures.
We do not take part in the NGS scheme as I could not take the stress. We had a coach party from our local AGS group a couple of years back and I was ill for weeks before and after the event.
In my spare time we go to AGS plant shows, National Trust properties, Nurseries and read a lot. Much of the garden is designed and planted to be as low maintenance as possible. One advantage of being unemployable and now retired is that we have a fair amount of time to spend in the garden.
We have a good set of photographs of the garden almost from day 1 (16 years ago) right up to the present. I can recommend keeping a photographic record of anyone's garden, fascinating to look back.

10 Jan, 2012


Should also add that the design evolved rather than was made first and is a combination of my agoraphobia and my wife's love of open spaces.

10 Jan, 2012


some places to enjoy and work with there, nice blog

10 Jan, 2012


its a wonderful testament to your hard work and creativity, thanks for putting it on here.

10 Jan, 2012


Beautiful garden, I love it.

10 Jan, 2012


That is a big garden (compared to mine). Looks like a full time job but well worth it.

11 Jan, 2012


Lovely and huge garden. How do you have timer to do anything but garden? :^)

15 Jan, 2012

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