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I've been on GoY since Feb. 2008. We lived in a small city on the St. Lawrence River until December of 2010 when we moved to Madawaska Township, about 1-1/2 hr. drive west of Ottawa.
Our property is about 8 acres, hill (forest) and valley(garden). Lots of nature and fresh air. The last 5-1/2 years have been a learning experience and since I've all this space to fill it's been a lesson in patience and perseverance. Hub and I are two oldies trying to live in harmony with the nature all around us.

Latest photos

  • Sumach, cedar and walnut dressed for fall.
  • layers of sun and shadow
  • dark in the valley and bright on the hill...
  • The looming black walnut (Juglans) is starting to crowd the red maple

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