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Tempus Fugit...a reprise


By Lori


Last autumn we decided not to move til spring… and here it is, January, and guess what is three months away?
The decision gave me a breather …I’m now ready to move on.
We’ve found that divesting is liberating, and habit forming!
I have carried things with me through thick and thin and last summer I looked at those THINGS and said…“no more!”…
Have to admit that I did get rid of some things I’ve since missed but have to admit it has been the best thing overall… We became so encumbered… and like some dauntless snail,we’ve hauled it with us everywhere until we came to see that IT is not US…and we really don’t need all of it….
we must learn to create, enjoy and then move on…it’s the march of time!
It’s been said that “the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty…While the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity!” And yes, here I go again, preaching optimism like a new convert! I’m having fun planning my next garden and it’s all hypothetical…and pie in the sky…but it beats grieving for the one I’m leaving. And that is the opportunity I’m seeing…leaving every blessed plant just where it sits… and allowing someone else to decide it’s fate. Welll…. maybe I’ll take my cherished rosebushes..and a few perennial herbs…but the rest remain.
I take with me the experience and knowledge that this garden has given me and start again on a new patch…and some day I’ll be too old to keep that patch and it too will pass along to someone else… that is living.. and,.yes, time is flying by… So here’s to new beginnings…
I’ll try to post pictures of the transition … this is going to be interesting!
We never know what’s just over the horizon…maybe we’ll find our next home in the valley below!

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we shifted after 30 years of bringing up boys and liberating them but they left their junk behind. old cars push bikes that had died all sorts of discarded things and as we had to clear our 1/4 acre of every thing i had to dump some 7 tons of rubbish both mine and the familys now i dont really miss the stuff but a the time it was hard to part with things that you grew up with over the years
nostalga costs

20 Jan, 2010


Good luck with the move. I hope you find somewhere suitable.

20 Jan, 2010


Its allways the way you don't use something for years then you chuck it out ,and then what happens? Next week your looking for it saying i know i had one of those.....:o)))
Hope your new home has a nice big garden for you to get stuck into...

20 Jan, 2010


~hope your new garden has a good range of temperatures Lori~not too cold not too hot?Good luck with the search!

20 Jan, 2010


Hi Lori its great 2 hear from u :) Moveing isnt easy is it :/ Iv done it 4times & hated it! The Last time i moved i 2 got rid of things i didnt need/want any more & im happy i did :) I dont plan on moveing ever again unless i win Lottery ;) lol Take Care Love Jacxxx

20 Jan, 2010


I'm pleased to hear from you, too! I hope GOY isn't one of the 'things' you're leaving behind when you move!

My husband is a 'hoarder' and although it has a lot of disadvantages, it also balances out, because he can lay his hands on a 'whatever' when something is needed!

I do wish you luck in your search, though. Let us know how it goes, won't you. :-))

20 Jan, 2010


Good luck with your move Lori. Clearing things out can be quite cathartic. There are things you hang on to out of sentimentality and they actually become a burden. I have done 2 house moves in the past year and finally will be able to crack on with the garden. It's a great feeling of a new adventure. I too planned my new garden but those plans have changed totally once I moved in here though it was good creating even the dismissed plans.
Enjoy :~)))

20 Jan, 2010


We all seem to be loth to get rid of clutter don't we?,and a house move is the ideal time to do it.When we moved 8 years ago,I started as soon as I knew we were going,and every week,I took a couple of bags to charity shops,whenever I went to town,and visited every one,so they all got something.I also put a lot in free ads in local paper,and was astonished that everything sold.I have never regretted it,as not missed anything,so material things are not as important as you think.Sentimental is totally different,so would never part with those.We have no garage where we are now,which was the main hoarding place,...but,have had to board the store all the sentimental stuff.! ( and my spare garden tubs etc..shed is overflowing! So,beware,Lori,it creeps up on you again eventually.Good luck with your move,and hope you love your new home...erm,I wonder if is time to for us to start another clear out?..could be.:o))

20 Jan, 2010


Good luck on your move hope you will be happy there, as for me i dont keep anything i dont use, find if you have to many things its hard work having to move them when cleaning house.

20 Jan, 2010


\Thanks everyone, for the well wishes and the comments...Some new names I've not seen before...Isn't this the best site? Piersdad you mentioned your childrens junk ....we asked our sons to come and help with the big was cathartic for them too! They trotted home anything they couldn't bear to pitch and now their apartment needs the same treatment! I am happy to be able to give them this liberating experience in their early years...hope it stands them in good stead! Don't know why I had to live 60 years before I finally got the picture!! I'm just itching for spring...can't wait to get started....
No Spritz, I could never give up goY...unthinkable! hope I have some interesting pics to post whenever we find the next place...

20 Jan, 2010


we had an attic that had 7 meters by 3 in the roof and it was packed with kids -precious - stuff and a lot of it is now in their garages.
a large space available in the roof of a house is rare here but with a ladder in the hall it become well used over the years.
when selling the house, and the roof space empty after 30 years,the new prospective owner was shown the roof space, with its large open space, and his comment always stuck in my memory
"bloody hell"
he clinched the deal soon after.

21 Jan, 2010


An attic space like that could be a den, or an observatory or a dozen different things to a dozen different people! I'm sure he didn't want to tip his hand!! In looking for a new place I won't have to consider storage! Spent all those years amassing stuff...and now I'm on the other side of the mountain. Hopefully we can find a place that is just the right size...

22 Jan, 2010


Hi Lori good luck with your move, we have moved 8 times now, so have de-cluttered every time, like Clarice I try very hard not to keep stuff we do not use any more. I find it very exciting moving, but I do not think we shall move again now.Will look forward to seeing your new home and garden.

27 Jan, 2010


Thanks Dottydaisy2!..... time will tell, aye? I'm hoping it will be an enjoyable experience... thanks for the well wishes.

13 Mar, 2010

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