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*"Spring" 2016 ... I give up!*


By Lori


Well! I was so happy to be able to go out into the fresh air and continue my work near the pond and watch the water go whistling by…thanks to some hard work and back strain last autumn. Posted pics of future attractions on my last blog, optimistically thinking about next steps…and then yesterday happened… I’ll let the pics tell the story…

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016. Matawatchan. approx 9 a.m. … don’t let the camera fool you… it must be the new software! … as to the date… ??!!

sideways again!… new software

my trusty spade is frozen on spot. I was digging this over for a strawberry bed back in our warm December 2015…

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 … approx. 4:50 p.m….

today… Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016… approx. 8 a.m….

Here in Matawatchan, we are back to a winter wonderland…. ohhhhhh…. think I’ll go back to bed!

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That looks so cold Lori. We have some rain here on West coast but all the fruit trees and ornamental trees such camellias, magnolias are starting to bloom. Am I enticing you to move west? Although, you are surrounded by a beautiful country in summer and I love your creek..

23 Mar, 2016


I'm envious Lori of a real,living stream and pond in your backyard.
What I could do with one here.

Are there any fish in the pond?

23 Mar, 2016


But it'll wipe out generations of greenfly! We have drizzle here and damp cold, at least snow looks prettier. Your daytime temps are getting warmer though acc to accu, so your spade might get defrosted, but will that soil be workable??

23 Mar, 2016


It wont last Lori. Just long enough for you to read a good book.....;)

23 Mar, 2016


LOL... the lovely array of GoY optimists makes me smile.
I had to reset the camera, Snoopdog! Don't know why it suddenly changed date...or why that date in particular!...oh well. better days ahead.
We have relatives who live in the interior (shuswap lake) and I have spent a whole winter in Langley waaay back in 1969-70, Klahanie... we're in our last place though. No more moves for us, but we hope to visit one last time as my hub was born and raised in Vancouver. We did a virtual "sentimental journey" via Google Earth last summer... but nothing beats the air in the mountains and the sea air at Tswassan. love your beautiful trees! I have to see the Butchart Gardens again, too.
Hello Stan. We have plenty of water on our little parcel and we're in a little bowl valley between two small's lovely upland all around us, with two streams, actually. I'm working to make a pond but it keeps getting filled up with silt! One of these years I'll get the banks graded properly and there will be no more silt and sand. Dredging is terribly tough slogging.. the lower stream which runs beside the road on the east side has tiny brook trout fry every spring. ( I suspect one of the many fishermen in the area have had a hand at importing them.) :-)
Nothing, (literally) is thawed enough to work, M. That shows how anxious I am to get going. checked on my old spade and it's still frozen solid... and will likely remain so for a few weeks as they're saying that another storm is coming in behind the one we had yesterday...more snow! (talk to you in June...I'm going to hibernate!)
Karen, right again. However, as I just mentioned to Marianne another storm is soon to grace us.. Gahh.

23 Mar, 2016


I'm sorry to hear your spring has been set back. I hope it won't be too long before you can get on with your gardening again.

23 Mar, 2016


I gave you a like for the photos, not the setback... It all looks very beautiful, but a bit much considering its nearly April! Never mind, your plans are laid, and when it melts you'll be ready for the off.

23 Mar, 2016


Bless you, Stera and Hywel. Chin up aye? the "other storm" arrived; Thursday, March 24, 2016, 9 a.m. and we're to get 20 cm. of wet snow/ice pellets/freezing rain. Maybe I need two good books, Karen? oh dear meeee


24 Mar, 2016


Maybe the camera is showing what it will look like this December. These are pictures of the future. Psychic.

25 Mar, 2016


Oh the thought of NEXT winter when we can't seem to get rid of this one...! shudder! ... maybe I have a very valuable camera here.. it's telling my future. Why does that not make me happy? Thanks for the interesting interpretation, Alextb! I think it has something to do with carrying it in my purse and not in it's case! ...or mice, maybe? I've changed the battery and updated. That's the last of the strangeness.

25 Mar, 2016


hi Lori.. since i've been in basically the same boat weather wise, all i can say is bleh! bleh! bleh! it's finally starting to warm up here, but not like it should...

23 May, 2016


Hi Pat! just saw your post, haven't been on here much lately. With the improved weather I've been out in the garden as much as I can. It's May and the blackflies are fit to carry a person away! Went to a local plant swap meet today and it was lovely to see all the neighbours who have been hibernating too. traded siberians for bearded iris..and found some interesting veggies to try. I hope our warm weather stays with us...but here in Canada we seem to be either complaining about the cold or complaining about the heat! not enough rain...always too much snow!

28 May, 2016


ain't that the truth! LOL

28 May, 2016


Dont feel bad Lori..but when I read black flies? I think of Mooses and arctic Tundra.
Just plain housefly's around here. Blame the cats for even those....

29 May, 2016


the blackflies we have this far south are the same as the ones on the tundra, Stan. They are so numerous and so onerous that they have been known to drive deer, moose, bear and wolves and foxes into mad frenzies and to kill goslings and young birds in the nest. Horrible HORRIBLE creatures! When I came in from attempting to dig over my garden a couple of days ago I had bumps (bites) on the back of my neck which had swollen to the size of a lime! Had to take antihistamines and use cold compresses. Today it was 31 degrees C. (that's hot) and very humid. I tried planting a few plants and splitting others to share and found out the hard way (more itchy welts and bumps) that the deer and horse fly season has started!

29 May, 2016


Only one thing for it Lori, pack up and move to yorkshire!

29 May, 2016


"Oh, wouldn't that be love-a-leeee?"

30 May, 2016

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