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*An Aroma/Moonlight Garden*


By Lori


I suppose at some time or another every gardener has walked past a scent wafting plant and thought.. “Would be nice to have a whole bed of these”…
This morning the acidanthera was wafting deliciously while the saponaria Bouncing Bet…was giving it a run for it’s money. The yarrow and the cranesbill were smelling resinous and the hosta was spreading it’s lily scent…and the nicotiana sylvestris towers over the rest, sweet smelling with the dew. "mmmm"_, I thought…_"this is heavenly."
Have always been attracted to sweet smelling flowers and their colours make it possible to combine a scented garden with a moonlight garden…most of the colours are pure white or a soft pink or mauve. The darker pinks of the Dianthus barbatus add the deeper notes.
even the green of their foliage is complementary…yarrow is grayish green, bouncing bet is mid-green, cranesbill is wooly and silvery green, hosta has a blue cast with ripples; the acidanthera is spikey dark green…and added to that, the ambiguous hay-like sweetness of the ferns and bracken in their range of greens its a feast for the senses. Clover is blooming now too and the bees are dividing their time between the hollyhocks and the clover patches…buzzing, busy…and I think, happy.
When the moon rises high and full in the sky it filtres through the trees and lights the whites and deepens the dark places, and the bees are nesting in the hollyhock blossoms…it brings together so many dimensions to the garden. Nature in her most graceful form.
Another reason, (one of many) why I garden.
In Austen mode: “Is there any felicity in the world comparable to this?”

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Thank you for the joy and pleasure Lori.

6 Aug, 2013


Lovely blog, but my very favourite photo is the cute cat at the end!:)

6 Aug, 2013


Lovely blog Lori....I can almost smell the described them so vividly!

6 Aug, 2013


Lovely blog and the photo of the cat is brilliant look at the intensity of his stare :-)

6 Aug, 2013


Thanks everyone...had to put his knibs in at the end...what's a garden without a cat? ;-)

10 Aug, 2013


Owwwh, those summer nights, the perfume comes wafting off this page....roll on spring 2015

26 Nov, 2014

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