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New Toy


By AndrewR


I bought myself an electric leaf blower last week. I decided that as all the leaves from the neighbours’ trees somehow end up in my garden, I would have to get something to help shift them.
The assembly instructions were somewhat obscure (and in small print), so it took me a few days to get into the right frame of mind to tackle the job. After a bit of fiddling, a lot of head scratching, and a few Anglo Saxon words of dubious parlance, I put it together, connected the power, and pressed the button.
Blimey, it’s powerful!!! The first batch rose a few feet and skipped over the fence into next door – whoops! Just as well no-one was at home.
Over the next half an hour, I managed to get the hang a bit better, but still found the power rather excessive, moving the leaves from one spot to another at a rate emulating a Formula One racing car. It also shifted loose soil, a few pieces of plant, and a couple of copper rings (that protect vulnerable growth from slugs and snails).
I hope I will eventually master this contraption. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

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I hope you get the hang of it very soon. I have had two, they were both equally tiring and awkward, too heavy and long, the strap also hurt my shoulders. After a few weeks trying...I got rid of them, and went back to using a rake, and hands for the borders. :(. Good luck with yours!

26 Mar, 2014


Good luck from me Andrew, we had one a few years ago, it was excellent, but we gave up with it in the end, I am sure they have improved since we had ours, I just remember it was massive!!

26 Mar, 2014


You just reminded me that I gave my last neighbour a loan of mine - moved 7 years ago!
I'm sure you'll be a master before too long Andrew. Practice, practice and more practice :)

26 Mar, 2014


So its Andrew the whirling dirvish, it gave me a chuckle trying to imagine you with the madcap

26 Mar, 2014


Something like a Norman Wisdom sketch springs to mind, good luck Andrew, I suppose its better to have too much power than not enough

26 Mar, 2014


Thats made my day Andrew, I've had a right ole chuckle, I especially like your description of the language used, lol,.
My hubby bought my garden hoover a long time ago, it has the attachment for blowing the leaves as well, however I've never been able to fit that part as I can't get the flipping hoover bit back off, I soon figured out that I can still use it as a blower simply by leaving the bag off and tilting it sideways, you are right about the power, and it is very cumbersome but so much better to clear up the hedge trimmings and fallen leaves in the autumn....Will admit I still use some very choice words when using it even after all these years........

26 Mar, 2014


We had a borw or suck version but I wasn't tall enough when it had the bag on - they don't seem to make them for little people. But it's gone to glory now - didn't last all that long. I'm sure you'll get the knack soon Andrew.

26 Mar, 2014


Good luck with it, and watch that language if your neighbours are in their garden. lol.

27 Mar, 2014


We have had two of them, in the first instance we had a Black & Decker one but a large pile of wet leaves proved too much for it and burnt it out, I now own a "Draper" blower vac and its brilliant, the blow rate can be reduced if required and the suction is very good, also it has a little wheel fitted on the bottom tube so that when using to pick up leaves/debris from a patio area you can use it with a hovering action which takes the weight off your shoulders.

28 May, 2014

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