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Flanders and Swann


By AndrewR


After a somewhat moist winter(!), I thought you might enjoy this:

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Had to stop and think which it might be, then I thought, "song of the weather"??

very apposite, Andrew! And they're so right!

28 Feb, 2014


I can guess what this is without looking - "January brings the snow."..etc.
Used to love Flanders and Swann, they never go out of style. thanks for the reminder!

28 Feb, 2014


aint looked either. the second line goes
"makes your feet and fingers glow"
and at the end
"bloody january again"

28 Feb, 2014


I haven't looked yet but"mud mud glorious mud" came straight to mind ....... :0)

Such fun that pair

1 Mar, 2014


I've got both a TV and an audio bio of them, one or both of which say that Flanders wasn't keen on being on TV, for some reason (maybe he needed the audience participation, or thought that people wouldn't pay to come to shows if they could get them on TV), so clips of them are very few and far between

Their songs were always gentle, but could still sting, and many are still relevant - try "40 tons of TNT", which is on YouTube; the numbers may have changed but the ratio is still about the same.

We had Flanders and Swann, and the Americans had Tom Lehrer, who was rather less gentle or genteel!

1 Mar, 2014


Loved Tom Lehrer too - We'll all go together when we go, and what about the Masochism Tango? I gave a copy of that to the excellent gentleman who massaged my leg muscles back to useability.

1 Mar, 2014


I've got a couple of his CDs - I prefer the "live" shows, rather than studio-recorded. There's plenty of him on YouTube.

I only remember two of his songs as a kid, and only one of them performed by him "the Elements", but taht was enough to make me remember, and want to find out more. What a talent for a mathematician to have! makes one wonder how he got into science at all.

I was amazed to read one one of "his" websites that he'd gone back to science; he could have gone on satirising for years - wonder what he'd have made of Bill Clinton? And he'd have had a field day with "Dubya"!!

2 Mar, 2014


I too was a fan of Flanders and Swann; Helen Flanders, is the BBC economics reporter, and Donald Swann's daughter lives in my town, and was a member of our Community Woodland Project.

6 May, 2014


wow, didn't know that. F+S were always gentle, even when they were having a go (well, mostly gentle! "all Gall" might be a bit less than gentle)..

I read that Donald Swann put music to some of Tolkein's verse fron Lord of the Rings; not managed to find any yet - must be some on YouTube, but I've only just thought of looking there.

7 May, 2014

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