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Third Time Lucky


By AndrewR


Have you ever wanted to have a look at the gardens of Buckingham Palace?

Not the flash bits of bedding at the top of the Mall

Nor the more natural style of St James’s Park

But the bit that you don’t normally see

Just now, the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are open to mere mortals to visit (at a price). Needless to say, cameras aren’t allowed inside the building, but when the tour is finished, you exit into the garden. And you are allowed to take pictures as you meander past the under-canvas tea rooms, the toilets, the gift shop, and up-market ice cream stand. So this is what Her Majesty has in her 39 acre back garden at the top of The Mall

Firstly, there’s a lot of grass for all those Garden Parties

Then there’s a lake (a bit bigger than your average back garden pond)

A queen-sized hydrangea quercifolia

More of that lake

Some Japanese anemones

Even more of that lake

And a good hydrangea – I do wish they’d put label on it as I’ve no idea what variety this is

And a last look at the lake

Then out into the street. Now I’ve been fortunate enough to have been there twice before, and seen the other side where all the flowery bits are. But the ‘no cameras’ rule is enforced for those bits, so this is as much as I’m able to show you. Third time lucky.

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So, no knighthood in the offing yet, Andrew? ;-)

16 Sep, 2013


I don't know why, but I expected something much more..well..grand. Bit of a let down in someways, but then come to think of it, more in tune with nature :)

16 Sep, 2013


Mouldy - I'm not holding out for a title. Given where I live, it's likely to be Lady Bracknell!

Waddy - the other side of the grounds has a good herbaceous border, a rose garden, and some more ornamental bits. This is just the bit you're allowed to photograph.
The garden has to be a mix of the practical (for Garden Parties, Official Receptions, etc), ornamental (but not excessive because it must always look immaculate), with a bit of biodiversity (because one's son is into that sort of thing)

16 Sep, 2013


I would never have guessed!! They have similar in the Palace here in Edinburgh. I've been through the gardens a couple of times with work. Wasn't into gardens then and took no interest. She also has the Queen's Park as a back drop.
Thanks for sharing with us Andrew - that's some pond ;)

16 Sep, 2013


I've often wondered what it was like thanks for sharing. no invite for me sadly either.

16 Sep, 2013


I worked in Bracknell many decades ago.
I expect it's changed now.
Lady Bracknell? Hmmm.
I had an ex-girlfriend, thought she was Lady Muck. Lol.

16 Sep, 2013


Mouldy - yes, it's changed a lot. They are currently tearing down half the town centre (Crossway and Broadway) to give us a 'new shopping experience.' There are houses going on the old RAF College site in Broad Lane (700+) and west of the town along Peacock Lane extending right across to Great Hollands (1300).
Where did you work?

17 Sep, 2013


How very very interesting. All that land in the middle of London. My son is looking for a flat with a small garden......think this one is too big. :0)

17 Sep, 2013


Thanks Andrew most interesting....

17 Sep, 2013


I was a partner in a small mono-bloc business, back in the mid 80's.
Anything done about then in Bracknell can be blamed on me. ;-)
I remember the market (breakfast), the 'Amway' hq & my business partner getting us lost (one of his infamous short-cuts!) one night on our way back to Herts.
He somehow drove us to Little Egypt.
He ended up with the nickname 'Tootin', after I regaled all & sundry with the tale. Lol.

18 Sep, 2013


Very nice, thanks Andrew. I, like you, find unlabelled plants in public gardens very irritating!

21 Sep, 2013

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