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Maureen's Third Blog - What A Lot Of People!


By AndrewR


Hello, Maureen here. It’s been a long time since I spoke to you all – there’s so much to do here at Andrewr’s garden.

We have all been working very hard here as a lot of people were visiting over the weekend. They pay money to look at the plants I see every day, and the money goes to charity. Bruno says it happens every year.

But this year was different – they came for two days instead of one. I think they call it a Blank Holiday weekend. Anyway, we were on our best behaviour for a long time, and I fluttered my eyelashes a lot at the visitors.

Here are some pictures of what people saw

I hope they bought something to remind them of the garden. There were lots to choose from.

I counted 250 people in two days – that was a lot!

Now I just want to go to sleep

Love from Maureen

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I hope you are having a nice quiet rest now Maureen ~ now that you have that lovely garden to yourself again!

7 May, 2013


Nice to read about a successful open garden, glad you had good weather.

8 May, 2013


Hi Maureen thanks for the giraffes eye view of Andrews lovely garden, I guess you've seen him these last few weeks worrying if spring would arrive in time, well he was blessed by a lovely sunny weekend and the flowers responded, wonderful!

8 May, 2013


That 'was' a lot! Well done, Maureen and Bruno. Oh, and I suppose Andrew might have had something to do with it all?

8 May, 2013


All those visitors had lots to see! Well done Andrew and thanks for the blog Maureen!;)

8 May, 2013


Hi Maureen ..
You did a great job entertaining the visitors ...

Lovely gardens .. just two questions ..

Where is Barney ??
What have you done with Barney ???

8 May, 2013


TT - Barney is still around but he's a bit poorly these days (too much rain I hasten to add, not too much work).
He has a nasty touch of rot and may need to go bear hospital :-(

8 May, 2013


Love your garden companions, Andrew, so talented too.
Opening a garden this year must be even more of a challenge than it usually is, especially a Spring garden, a great deal of hard work and anxiety too I imagine. Well done, I take my hat off to you!

8 May, 2013


Thanks for the update, Andrew..

When Barney goes to the Bear Hospital, please make a blog ...
... hoping for a successful convalescence and a quick recovery...
... because Maureen and Bruno will miss him ...

8 May, 2013


Was it just for this occasion, or does Maureen always poke her tongue out at visitors? Lol.
Excellent photos & blog, Andrew.
All your hard work paid off, as I expected it would.
Well done!

8 May, 2013


Maureen.... You and Bruno must be exhausted entertaining all those visitors. You can relax now while Andrew takes over the hard work for summer.
Great blog and I've no doubt we will hear from you again :)

8 May, 2013


Congratulations on the success of Andrew's garden, Maureen - and Bruno, of course. I love the paths and the stone troughs of auricula and epimedium. Good luck at Bear Hospital, Barney. Do let us know how it goes.

8 May, 2013


Well done Andrew, a challenge this year, for sure, still with friend like yours no worries.........I expect most people have never heard of or seen some of your rare plants, I know I have not, that it for now? or will you open later?

12 May, 2013


DD - no, that's it for this year. My friend Gill is off to the States for several weeks, and I'm away in June. So we decided to have an early opening.
Of course, you decide the dates in the previous September, so with the long winter, it made life a little challenging, to say the least. But warmer weather meant lots of things came into flower in the last two weeks before we opened, and spring was compressed, so a lot of things all flowered at once.
Everything is growing fast now. I've harvested almost 10 lbs of rhubarb today!

12 May, 2013


Wow lucky you, wish we had the room, just created a small raised bed so we can grow some toms and strawberries, how to get the most out of a tiny plot, might use that in our write up for the NGS !! I like this new idea, being able to change the photographs online, when we want to, we change the garden so much, our information needs to be updated.

12 May, 2013


I forgot you had a giraffe Andrew so put Maureen in the search box, remember her now she's lovely , looks like she was made in the same way as our stag!!
Beautiful garden too :-)

30 Apr, 2015

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