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New season, new compost. Re-cycle compost from local council department has great potential. Used on cuttings and seed sowing it is,nt as risky as i thought. Proof is on my first photo,and all seems ok. My Tomatoes seem to be in good health on it, and i hope that continues on final planting in grow pots. My Tomatoe growing system is also an experimental one this year so fingers crossed all goes well. Photographs 2 weeks old below but will show new one,s asap. Take care enjoy Tony



tomatoe system

Morning glory from seed

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The tomato system looks very 'posh', haven't seen that before. Your Morning Glorys are doing well, my seedlings haven't got that far yet. They seeded themselves in the garden where I forgot to take down the old plant, so now I have hundreds!

14 May, 2014


Very posh indeed I love this idea.

15 May, 2014


I use those circles Tony but mine go straight into the borders in my g'house, I think they're brilliant, especially when I'm on holiday and someone else is doing the watering for me, I hope they all do well for you.
I have a query, why does your g'house look so pristine, mine always looks like a work in progress, lol....

15 May, 2014


Hi Honeysuckle You appear to have greater knowledge than i with your morning glory plants. My first attempt at growing them from seed last year was a disaster. Only recentley realized (as you say) that they can seed from the position they are in. I hope i have simular luck with my plants. Take care have a wonderful season Tony

15 May, 2014


Hi SkotKat Don,t know about posh but i clean down most of the utensils in jeyes fluid then keep my fingers crossed all goes well. This year i have not done as much in the GH as last but i found the reason being that i can concentrate onlimited amounts of plants and last year i had far to many to look after. I experiment a lot with systems and get carried away somtimes(LoL). My new tomatoe system is,nt hi tech but its new to me and i am trying it to preserve the soil mess i had last year. 3 Bowls, 3 Plants , and a rub of my lucky budahs tummy each morning and i may have successwith my Alicantie (LoL). Thankyou though and i hope you have a great growing season. Will keep you informed of system results. Take care Tony

15 May, 2014


Hi Lincslass I fulley beleive that a GH should not be tidy if used correctley. On that assumption i feel that my cleaning may be taking more effort than i put into my plant growing. I try to force myself into cleaning and growing at the same time its a little confusing but at the days end i really am shattered (LoL). My good lady enters and inspects the GH quite often so i have to be on my toes (LoL). Thankyou though its nice to be complimented. Take care enjoy Tony

15 May, 2014


I feel so much better now Tony, I use good ole Jeyes and would you believe I even like the smell.....Not as much as my roses mind..LOL..

19 May, 2014


Hi Lincslass Yes jeyes is a nice smell, but no match for roses i aggree. Have one silver jubilee cutting (Rose) (taken last year) which has taken very well in the Patio border. Should be interesting to see how it fairs this year. Take care Tony

20 May, 2014

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