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Building our Pergola Today..


Someone from another gardening forum kindly Photoshopped an area of my garden for me that needed revamping, I loved his ideas and decided to go ahead with his design..

This is the problem area..

Photoshop version :)

So this week i got stuck into clearing the ivy and digging out a big cottoneaster, which came out quite easy to my suprise :) not the ivy tho, 2 full days spent on it and still more to cut back..

I can’ reach the top, on the left, hub will have to get up there for me..

Still loads to do! ill get there :)

We hired this to “dig” the holes for the Posts, first hub had to break away the concrete…

And in they went…

We are now at this stage :))))))

After lots of advice from KarenS and i mean Lots of advice, (Thanks again karen) she came up with a suitable Clematis to climb up the pergola..
Hardy for the northeast of UK.
About 6/7 hours sunshine per day (when its shining )
Exotic looking.
Tall enough to reach the top of the pergola.
Summer flowering with big flowers.

Karen came up with the goods :)))) I couldn’t of done it without her lol…

Clematis Sieboldiana, Love It..

reminds me of Passionflower..

Im also going to grow a hardy grapevine opposite the Clematis.. A Himrod Seedless grape..
you never know, one day it could look like this..

Still loads to do, More Ivy to cut back, A border to fill (yessss) I need to treat the wood, jetwash the tiles etc etc, I want this area full of lush green plants and the pergola dripping with all kinds of trailing plants which ive been sourcing, i also have new hanging baskets to fill :))))) happy sigh…

just adding an updated pic, ive treated the posts in dark brown and moved the tree and box surrounding it, there all potted up and looking ok, sis wants the tree and im going to make more box balls or even be a bit more adventurous and do pyramids! :))

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Sorry,Im not finished yet!!! I saved to draft but when i went back to edit, the blog disappear's!! im going to try again and finish this blog..Puh..

25 Feb, 2012


Finished, at last!!!

25 Feb, 2012


Well done, its going to look really good. Bet you can't wait for summer to see what it looks like then. You have worked really hard haven't you. That ivy must have been a nightmare.

25 Feb, 2012


Coming on a treat there. Wait until summer YDD - then you'll see it was all worth it.

25 Feb, 2012


Looking good Ydd. Great project its gonna look super.
Love the Clematis (well done karens).
Look forward to photos in the summer :-)

25 Feb, 2012


That is going to look lovely,Dee..and looks good nice to have some help with a design,and from Karen too..a lovely Clematis..looking forward to seeing it as it develops..:o)

25 Feb, 2012


You're going to absolutely love this pergola once it's fnished . . . already looking great. And the Sieboldii is a wonderful idea - Karen's handy to have around, isn't she?!

25 Feb, 2012


I love climbing plants. It's nice to have more room for them. Sieboldi is a lovely Clematis. I've got one myself and it gets lots of flowers on it. I hope you're happy with your project :o)

25 Feb, 2012


Ah, young DD! What an amazing before and after blog! It looks fantastic. That Ivy looks very very strong and tough! I love the grapevine and clematis idea...It's going to be magnificent. Remember to keep that Clematis well watered, and shade the roots from the heat of the sun with some large stones or other mulch, and it will climb up those posts in no time. It's a great improvement to that little area of your garden! Really good job, well done! I went out today for a little while...planted some lily bulbs etc. It' was great to see that shrubs are starting to grow. :))

25 Feb, 2012


Just read the comments...thanks everyone...I love being useful whenever I can :)

25 Feb, 2012


Wow! Am so jealous - that looks great :)
Love the clematis and looking forward to seeing an update on it all - can you imagine just having all those grapes hanging right there...too hand :) mmmmmmmmmm!!
You have certainly worked very hard - you and OH.

25 Feb, 2012


Thanks everyone, Hubs done his knee in!!! when he was using the big drill thing he hit a bit concrete and it kicked back, twisting his knee, ive ran all over for him tonight hehe.. seriously tho, he needs an op anyway, so this hasn't helped...

The blog was shorter than intended but it took to long with uploading and not saving to draft!

Cinders, The Ivy is always a nightmare, I have cut it back closer than usual because its a tangled mess, it will soon grow again..

Sheilab, karen gave me great advice, i hope to return the favour one day, ive learned so much from you all..

Hywel, great to hear you hav a Siebaldiana with plenty flowers, gett'n excited now lol..

Karen, i will cover with gravel or similar, im going to look for one tomorrow and the grape, on the net..
happy you got a bit gardening done, it was cold today here, i was shivering when i was holding the posts brrr..

Thanks Scottish, Im hoping the grapevine survives up here, we will see but yes, wouldnt it be great if we could pick grapes in our own garden :)

26 Feb, 2012


Know what you mean about picking grapes in your own garden - now our grapes are established we often partake of a juicy mouthful while we're working out there (in season of course!). Your re-vamped area looks as though it's going to be a delightful place! Looking forward to Summer photos of the same area. :o)

26 Feb, 2012


Love this revamp, a beautiful seating area, great structure from the pergola, wonderful clematis and the promise of tasty grapes, seems you`ve got it all Ydd, must take my hat of to you for all the hard work.

26 Feb, 2012


Well done you for taking the bull by the horns and making a big change to this area . it's going to look brilliant with the clematis and a grapevine established on the lovely pergola. Looking forward to pic updates as you go along.

26 Feb, 2012


You don`t hang around when you get an idea in your head Youngdaisy, its looking good already, can`t wait to see it finished and planted up.

27 Feb, 2012


well done looks amazing...:-)

3 Mar, 2012


gorgeous ydd .It looks as though it has been there for ages ,well done ..:-)

4 Mar, 2012


Brilliant worth every minute of your hard work Enjoy now!

5 Mar, 2012


Thanks everyone, comments appreciated, Nothing else done down there its been a wet and cold weekend but my mind has been working overtime, still deciding what to plant in the border :)

5 Mar, 2012


Late to this blog, Ydd ... firstly how is OH's knee? ... I hope he hasn't damaged it too much ... You will be so pleased with this area when the warmer weather is here ... somewhere to shade from those hot, hot, Summer days ! ... We have just planted a Honeysuckle to scramble through our Grapevine ... because the pergola looks very bare in the Winter and early Spring ...

9 Mar, 2012


Oh shirley his knee is still giving him jip :) He needs an op to put it right and the drill incident didn't help..
im going to look at your pics, i want to see your pergola :)

12 Mar, 2012


Not good news on his knee problem ... Tiger balm may help temporarily! ... There are a couple of pics on my blog of Sept. 30th 2010 showing the pergola ... shall see if I can find any more for you ... :o)

12 Mar, 2012


Im just getting to 2010 Shirley :) Love love your pergola and you have a roof! I was thinking about doing that, even as a tempory measure for winter, your grape vine's are doing amazing, i hope mine does so well, im gett'n all excited again :) and i haven't even bought one yet lol..
Right going to look at Sept 2010 :)

12 Mar, 2012


Lol, Ydd ... I wasn't keen on the polycarbonate roof at first ... between ourselves and the builder we 'made it up as we went along' ... I love it now as it seems to keep the area beneath warm and we have had a few breakfasts as well as dinners out there ... can't wait for those sunny Summer days again ... :o)

12 Mar, 2012


WOW! It looks so good! Well done! Love it! :))

12 Mar, 2012


Thanks Michaella :)

Well. you made the right choice Shirley, i bet you could grow some tropicals under there ;) I got an awning for xmas (woohoo) for outside the back door, on the decking, its water and sun proof, so im hoping to sit out in the rain this year hahaha..

12 Mar, 2012


Lol, Ydd, think positive and look forward to a hot, hot Summer! ... :o)

12 Mar, 2012


added to my faves so that I can look for that clematis in the spring for my garden! Great photos YDD!

12 Feb, 2013

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