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Yes That’s me. I have planted all of the boxes in my patio garden and everything is growing fairly well, peppers are setting on just fine and I want them to hurry up so I can harvest. One of the Cayennes is a good 6 inches long, Now all I have to do is leave it long enough for it to turn red. Peppers are my favorite all kinds except Bell Peppers, they are too boring. I did harvest enough Basil on Sunday to make Pesto for dinner, so I was a big hit that night with everyone. Oh well! just can’t be hurried I know. Better find something else to do.

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Sounds like you don't have to worry about warmth...peppers and such... It has been so cold that all my plants are going nowhere... MMMmmmpesto... I like basil but my fav is plain old italian parsley and garlic...
with a nice fruity olive oil...MMMMMMM.
I grow herbs too, but don't do veggies... I have mint ( 2 kinds -Spearmint and Peppermint), thyme (2 kinds- French and Lemon) Chives (2 kinds -Regular and Garlic)
Sounds like the ark, doesn't it??? 2 x 2 Winter savory, Italian parsley, rosemary, basil and sage. Just the old standby's... I love to use fresh herbs so I know what you mean when you say "can't be hurried"...
Planted some asparagus this year...hope it survives. Enjoy your blogs..

29 May, 2008


Hi Lori,
Well today it is actually cool, I even opened the windows, at 3 pm it was only 72. That is cool, yesterday was 87. But that is what you need for all that hot weather stuff. I love to use herbs in cooking, so I try to grow as many as possible. I have a huge rosemary bush, plus oregano, marjoram,thyme,tarragon,peppermint, spearmint, flat leaf parsley, purple sage, french lavender and basil. I tried lemon thyme once long ago and it grew great and every time I used it my husband said You put in too much lemon! So I just ripped it out and put in the tarragon instead. I have tried to find unusual recipes to use herbs in. My son and I both like to cook and we try all kinds of strange things. I think the most bizarre is the rosemary chocolate tart, very dark and chocolatey flavor with just that little hint of something different...rosemary! My daughter is a little hesitant to eat grocery store greens so she was just thrilled to have me grow 2 kinds of lettuce and spinach this spring, and I think I'll try to have another crop this fall, maybe I can even keep it over the winter in a cold frame. The kitchen timer just went off, making curried split peas for dinner, gotta go.
Talk to you later!

29 May, 2008


sounds delicious... we should trade recipes.

29 May, 2008

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