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wind beaten

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Thanks to the replies to my very first blog about my patio garden, yes it is very warm here and the plants really seem to do very well. We started with Romaine and Buttercrunch lettuce and spinach with broccoli in March, Romaine did the best but by early May it was too hot so we had our last harvest and a really BIG salad on the 1st weekend both of the kids were home from college for the summer. Then we put in the really hot weather stuff, peppers,basil,watermelons,beans,eggplant and strawberries. Unfortunately since then we have had a lot of rough weather, and some of the plants are a little beaten down. Just as I type this I can hear another thunderstorm in the distance. That is fairly common in the southeast US in late spring and early summer, but this year it has been bad, lots of tornadoes and much damage. My property is just under 1 acre with a lot of native pines in the back. We took out 12 trees that were too close too the house for comfort a few years ago, but it still leaves a lot of debris when a storm comes through. About ten years ago as a birthday gift my children put in a raised bed out front so I could have a little herb garden and it was wonderful, but over the years the rosemary has taken over and is huge! So now with the patio garden I can grow a lot of other herbs also. As I said before the mint is great, put the lavender and the purple sage (regular sage doesn’t do well in this area) are really growing fast, but the cilantro was growing so fast that last weekend we had to make 2 quarts of salsa to use some of it up before it set seeds. You asked for pics and I will try my best but that requires the assistance of a more computer literate person and I might have to do some fast talking. The little “pop-up” thunderstorm seems to have past so I think I’ll go check the garden for damage. Bye now!

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with the risk you run there of tornado's i think you were wise to remove some of those trees. you certainly have a lot f herbs, which is great. look forward to seeing the pictures.

24 May, 2008

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