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Just like all of the rest of you I am anxiously awaiting the time when it will be safe to put out all of my seedlings into the planter boxes.
We have so many seedlings this year, having the “greentent” to put them into once they had sprouted has meant that we could start them just that little bit earlier and so now we have just gobs of seedlings in there. As you can see I had to get some cheap shelfs to have space for everything!

We have all the vegetables and all the flowers I tried for hanging baskets and pots. Yes, flowers, Spritz you see I just sorta sneak them in and he doesn’t notice until they bloom. I have Zinnia and Sunflowers from last year plus Nasturciums and Cosmos, Lobelia, Linaria, Lavatera, Petunias, Morning glorys, Verbena, Marigolds, Nicotania, Coleus, and Texas Bluebonnets.
However all those seedlings and we have a problem, where are we going to put them all? Buying the lumber and constructing beds would take too long and be expensive.
Then I came across a DEAL! A woman who runs a kennel was going out of business and had a bunch of small hard sided children’s pools she used for dogs to cool off in the heat.
I had seen an item online about using these for growing lettuce etc. So I bought all 6 of them(at $1 ea), now I have plenty of places to put my seedlings, now I just have to fill them with soil!
A gardeners work is never done!

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Wow! You have been busy! Over here, we don't put plants out til 3 weeks after the last frost, else you could still lose them to frosts. So, don't put them out too early, just in case!

Pools, what a great idea! I like the sound of that, you must send in pics to show us!

31 Mar, 2009


Good luck with everything you have sown Wohli.
I like the idea of six planters for six dollars.
We have all the plants in the UK except "Texas Bluebonnets" unless its known by a different name here.

31 Mar, 2009


Wellstocked there Wohlibuli...godd luck with all your plantings !

31 Mar, 2009


Thank you all.
I am really excited about doing this, have told all my family to be on the look out for ANYTHING that can be used as a plant container. Today my son brought home an old motorcycle helmet he had found! : ) Maybe that is taking it a little too far!
Texas Bluebonnets are a native variety of lupin that grows well in the southwest US. It is the state flower of the state I was born in. So when I saw them in the catalog I decided to give em a try! : )
Our last frost date was yesterday so I am waiting 2 weeks past that, or close to it, before putting out any warm weather plants. I will wait until the end of April to put out the ones that like HOT conditions like Eggplant(Aubergine).

31 Mar, 2009


Well, you certainly sound as if you know what you're doing!!

Lupins, mine always suffered horrendous attacks of the green aphids, nasty things, so I gave up on them in the end. They are pretty flowers tho'!

31 Mar, 2009


Good bargain :o)
And your green tent is really doing it's job.

2 Apr, 2009


Am in a similar situation, Wohli - so many plants wanted, but no soil or borders. I think folk are wary when they see me looking too closely at any kind of large object. they must think I'm going to suddenly drill holes in the bases and turn them into planters! glad to see that the greentent has done its job so well. :-)

4 Apr, 2009

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