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My interest in flowers and growing things started very early and when I was young my father traveled a lot. Once on a trip to Japan he purchased some flower cards for me and a book on how to play the games. The cards are called Hanafuda and many different games can be played with them

This is the book of instructions for the games to play with these cards.

This is a picture of the entire deck of card.
The cards are quite small about 1 1/2 by 3 inches and are stiff. They are made up of 12 suits of flowers corresponding to the months of the year. There is 4 cards in each suit with some cards having special items depicted and having more value. Others have ribbons, some of which have poetry on them.

This is some of the special item cards like the Cherry blossom curtain

and this is the poetry ribbon card for January the pine
Nintendo made the cards before they made electronic games and I have learned to play a couple of the simpler games.
I have always found these little cards beautiful and fascinating and I thought you all would enjoy a look at them.
The games can get quite complicated with many special grouping of cards.
Nintendo now has a electronic version and It is fun to play, when I can’t get anyone else interested.

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They're delightful to see, and colourful aswell. I bet you loved them as a child and treasure them now. Thanks for showing them.

3 Aug, 2008


beautiful cards Wohlibuli, and a lovely blog.
it reminded me of a set of cards i have here, bought them a while back on e.bay for practically nothing. they are old cards from cigarettes pks yrs ago, pictures of flowers. i intend to put them onto card and frame it , i must take a pic of them and post it to show you.

3 Aug, 2008


The cards are lovely, well photographed aswell,
what a nice game, makes a change from all the violent games around these days.- Liked this blog!

3 Aug, 2008


What lovely illustrations. Many thanx for sharing this!

3 Aug, 2008

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