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Iv'e caught something nasty!!!


It was raining so hard this morning when I went for my wander round the garden that I had to take my Brolly!
Anyway, after a while it calmed down and Wizzy and I enjoyed our walk round and started to dead head the pela pelora plegor (geraniums) lol in one of the tubs at the back of the house that is home to my lovely clematis. I dont know the name but its the big single dark purple one that is so popular everybody has one ! and there it was all sad and forlorn and BLACK in places – its got the dreaded clematis wilt!!! I have been out all day so first thing in the morning I am going out with some nice shiny scissors to chop it down and see if it can send up some new shoots that are healthy before the winter comes. The poor thing has worked so hard in this little summer and produced some lovely flowers for me, i have been so excited each day to go and see how many new ones have opened that I was really upset when I spotted this. My poor little clematis.
On a cheerier note, yesterday and today – even though it rained a lot (understatement) the day lillies bore flowers, remember that everything in my garden is brand new and has never had flowers before! Also my daliahs are flowering and the first one (i have taken a photo, to put on here tomorrow) is a gorgeous deep deep red, almost blood red, its gorgeous. I dont seem to have lost anythng else due to the damp and possibly mis-planting, wrong sun, wrong light, wrong moisture etc but I do want to move two of my dicentra (is that right) one is an alba and they are both in too much light and not doing nearly as well as others that are in more shady positions. They are my jobs for tomorrow! Who wants to do housework when there are such lovely things to do outside!! Winter is for housework lol.
Ill put some photos on tomorrow. Hope this makes sense because I have had two phone calls and a visitor while I have been writing it and it is too late to mess with it now, so I’m going to hit SEND lol.
Lynne x

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Hi Lynne, Sorry about your Clematis. It's always very sad when one of your favourite plants gets very sick or even worse dies on you. The balance to that is all the ones that do better than you expected. So I guess we have to focus on the successes and forget the failures.
the first year I had Dicentra I was sure it had died because by mid summer it looked dead. It was in a hot spot, so I moved it to a shady place and the following year it came back huge and has been getting bigger ever since. Then I discovered that they always die down mid summer, but mine definitely likes the shady spot.

21 Aug, 2008



This is a GET WELL message to your clematis. Please let us know if cutting back produces new shoots.

Maybe you could protect any young growth with the Spritzhenry-special-bottle-style clematis protector.

21 Aug, 2008


Sorry about your clematis Lynne. I find they usualy recover so you can look forward to next year. It must be exciting for you with all new plants.

21 Aug, 2008


I've been hit with Clematis wilt, too. I seem to have lost two more. I am sad as well, but hoping like you that they will return next year. I know how you feel! :-( I am glad you've got so many other lovely plants to keep your spirits up!

21 Aug, 2008


Hopefully you might be able to shock it into regenerating if you chop it back..... fingers crossed!

21 Aug, 2008


Good luck hope it gets better for next year

21 Aug, 2008


Clematis wilt - cut out the wilted shoot right down to ground level. You probably won't get any more shoots this year but hopefully it will grow again next year. Did you plant your clematis deep? This is suggested to help it recover from wilt if it ever strikes.
Dicentras have brittle roots so try and get as large a rootball as possible to minimise the damage when you move them

21 Aug, 2008

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