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wish i had found this site years ago.


I can’t believe how quickly I got a reply to my first problem, within 15 minutes an answer was logged on my home page.
I am on track with my garden in spite of the recent showers and rain.
My wisteria is pruned after flowering my Gazania “Tiger stripe variety” have re-flowered although I understood that they were not hardy, so this winter I will cover them with fleece after division.

I tried a “Johnny Moore” cutting with my Buddliae Davidii which has taken and is flowering. This means I can remove my original which has grown too large. (Johnny Moore was an old friend sadly now dead, who if he broke a branch off a particularly thriving plant would trim the end, make a hole in the soil close to the parent plant on the theory that if the parent plant grew well there the cutting should as well. I t seemed to work with his Hydrangea and Kerria Japonica .

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We aim to please, Wisteria! lol. Seriously, that's the great thing about this site - it's a group of like-minded people with different levels of knowledge and different areas of expertise. so if you post a question, someone will probably know the answer! It isn't just serious stuff, either, we have a laugh. You'll enjoy it! I know I do!

20 Jul, 2008


Glad you are finding this site so helpful.As Spritz says its a very friendly site and a great community.
Happy gardening and best wishes.

20 Jul, 2008

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