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Autumn colours at Rosemoor.


We called in at Rosemoor and saw some lovely shades of autumn colour.
I then came home and tried to find something in the garden to compete!!
Don’t think I found it!

There is a Halloween poem on this poster but it is hard to read on here!

To finish are my garden photos which are not in the same league as Rosemoor. Unfortunately not all of them
are on here ( too large I think) but there is some autumn colour out there.

And a final appearance for 2023 for Gertrude Jekyll !

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Some lovely shots of the trees & I managed to read the poem(just). I must visit Winkworth Arboretum to see the autumn colour, though it doesn’t seem very advanced yet in this area( Surrey). Ty for sharing your visit to Rosemore.

26 Oct, 2023


there are some beautiful colours there this time of the year, the trees down by the lake are stunning, i am just waiting for a little break in the weather so i can get back up there, really do like the garden

26 Oct, 2023


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I could live without Halloween and Guy Fawkes night. Always happy to see the back of them. Autumn has enough joy of its own. My favourite things are Chestnuts, Gourds and Toffee Apples!

26 Oct, 2023


Feverfew, I agree, there is still a lot of green left on the trees and autumn colours are only just getting going.
Davey, the Liquid Amber trees by the lake at Rosemoor are stunning.
Karen I too love toffee apples but get in such a sticky mess - who cares?!!

26 Oct, 2023


I love Rosemoor but it is too far away to go regularly.
Your blog reminds me I need to go to Harlow Carr soon.

Lovely photos and Rose GJ is a lovely pink.

27 Oct, 2023


Sbg - you have some lovely gardens to visit too. Rosemoor looks good whatever time of year you go and is always a really nice day out.

27 Oct, 2023


PS Sbg- I have just looked at Harlow Carr’s website and it looks beautiful - get there as soon as you can!!

27 Oct, 2023


Rosemoor looks a lovely place to wander round in Chris and it looks like the weather was kind to you too!
I love the way you have taken the photos through the trees.
My garden is like yours with not much autumn colour apart from an acer.
My Getrude Jekyll kept on going but was getting so leggy, I had to prune it back taking a few buds with it.
I could read the poem ..just!
I wish there was somewhere round here to walk, but just have the promenade ! Usually too cold and windy ! xxx

27 Oct, 2023


Rose, it’s the downside of the coast isn’t it? But I am already missing the sea! I’m dying to get to Durdle Door, but we have been needed for childcare almost every day since we arrived! It will happen soon though!

27 Oct, 2023


Rose it is lovely especially with the autumn colours just starting now. You are fortunate in a different way because you live so close to the sea. We have to get in the car to go anywhere! Thank you for all your lovely comments.

I often think Karen that the weather on the coast is better than living inland - except for those sea mists!!

27 Oct, 2023


Some colourful autumn views there, it's a lovely place to visit.

28 Oct, 2023


I must admit Chris, that I love living near the sea despite the cold winds off the sea occasionally. xxx

28 Oct, 2023, Chris! The colours are just so striking. I do love autumn colour. Lovely little spooktacular read!
I can imagine you had a lovely visit!
We have such a wonderful choice in the UK of beautiful places to visit, whether coastal or countryside.

28 Oct, 2023


Lovely shots bringing out the colours so well - there is something peaceful about autumnal colours - I must pop across to Attingham and take a walk through the gardens and woodland hopefully on a sunny day

28 Oct, 2023


Stunning place and photos Wildrose. Thanks for sharing.

28 Oct, 2023


Hywel I couldn’t use a number of my photos because they were too big!! I never quite understand that one!
Kate thank you so much for your enthusiastic response - you are always so very positive.
Jane I shall Google Attingham and take a far away look !
Klahanie thank you so much for your kind words.

28 Oct, 2023


You can resize them, If you look at the top of the photo on your computer you'll see three dots. Click on them and a drop-down menu will appear. Click where you see the words 'Resize Image' then you can reduce the number of pixels (whatever those are).
Make a copy of the original before you resize it, so that you don't end up with only the small one.

30 Oct, 2023

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