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acer palmatum


By wilce

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hello, can anybody help me? i bought 2 japanese acer palmatums and put them both in completely the wrong positions in the garden. Both acers started to get withered and dry leaves. Put them both in daple shade, one looks as though it is completely going to lose its leaves (will it survive), and the other acer still has withered leaves but i have had a whole new load of growth (looks promising). what is the cause?

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Hi, I do hope your acers will recover...they are fussy blighters! They don't like wind ( scorch ), they don't much like direct sun ( scorch ) they don't like a lot of consistent damp......and they don't really want dense shade all the time!

Maybe they are just settling in and adapting to dappled shade, which they should be fine with, as long as it's protected from the wind? If one of them has new growth it'll probably be ok, as long as you cosset it!

I lost quite a few, then I took to keeping them in big pots, so that I could move them around to suit their needs...if it got windy, I'd move them into shelter, if it was too sunny, I'd pop them into some's worked for me so far, as they're such slow growers, and I do pot them on every couple of years.

I do hope they survive!

14 Aug, 2009

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