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My little babies


Here is a photo of my little baby Geranuims ! im so proud of them , lol

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And so you should be Weemamabell, they look strong and healthy to me! - i have never tried geranium from seed. i usually take cuttings in autumn and then again in spring which i have always found quite effective, but you do end up with loads the same - so this year i have been rather naughty and ordered some really unusual small plants off the internet - without 'his' knowledge - i'll just pretend that i have been taking more cuttings when they come - teheheh! - he would'nt know a geranium from a daffodil, so he'll fall for that! lol it's good that he is at work all day because he is never in when my 'little bargins' arrive, so i can quite easierly hide them in the greenhouse - or weather permitting plant them straight out in the garden, and then when he does notice something new i usually reply 'oh where has that come from, what a pretty wild flower/weed - i think i'll leave it there - is'nt nature wonderful' lol

14 Jan, 2008


- ofcourse it does'nt work with everything - i had to own up to the 6ft Acer tree i planted last year and the recent spending spree on David Austin roses, i don't think even he would believe that they had suddenly just appeared lol

14 Jan, 2008


And I thought we only did that with clohes lol! I can see it may be easier with plants.

Well done Weemamabell, I`ve never grown geraniums from seed either- you should be proud of your achievement!

14 Jan, 2008


,Well done, Weemamabell - and in only 4 days since purchase! Some fishtank, lol! Interesting that the ladies are admitting to secret plant buying. I am, of course, a bloke, but in the same "club" as you. I often have to pass purchases off as gifts of cuttings or unwanted plants.Last night, Majeeka, I bought a rambler rose from David Austin
roses - £16 ! - but had to have it for the Oz garden (and this does, after all, include p&p). It is called "The Garland" and, while googling for info, learned that Judy Garland's first husband was David Rose! So I had to have it, you see? My conscience is now greatly eased, thank you, but.......thank God for paperless billing and bank statements, lol! Oh no, Ajay! Peter! Get this off the "latest comments" fast, or everyone, get writing quickly, or I shall be in the manure, to be polite. Is there space for a "confession box" on the site, I wonder? Not just for plant spendaholics, but also for plant
murderers, and the likes...or even a link to Marriage Guidance counselling?

15 Jan, 2008


LOL i have been sitting here chuckling away! maybe i will do a blog to find out what excuses we all use to get away with new plant buys - i have loads i can pass on if we recycle them around i bet we would have enough to avoid the 'Manure', or marrage guidance counselling! and me too, David i have just been on the David Austin web site and bought a rare slate blue rose, - it looks lilac when it opens but it apparently fade to a slate blue it's called 'Blue for you' and it is the nearest we have yet to a proper blue rose. well i have been planning a red/blue corner, where my dearly departed dog's ashes where scattered and it was a must have - i come up with a brilliant excuse for this one!....i am going to write a blog about this i think it will be worth a few laughs!

15 Jan, 2008

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