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Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone !! My lovely husband gave me money at Christmas to spend on plants for the garden , oh my it was burning a hole in my pocket so last night I went on to the Jersey Plants Direct site and ordered Surfinia Petunias , I was like a kid in a toy shop, its was so exciting at the thought of my plants arriving , is anyone else like me ? I get such a buzz out of planning and getting everything started , I hope I always feel this way its great .
I would like to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy 2008 ! Happy Gardening x

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Hallo again - Happy Hogmanay (Is it over yet?). I am trying to put my order for plug plants in, but T&M haven't got Diascias or Angelonias in their catalogue this year. :-( I'll try your company - fingers crossed. The sight of little green shoots in the garden starts me off, as well as putting in orders for new plants!

2 Jan, 2008


I've already placed an order with Avon Bulbs for summer- and autumn-flowering stuff ( if anyone else is interested). I've givven up on T&M after poor service two years running and non-existant Customer Service

2 Jan, 2008


Thanks Andrew il have a look at the Avon site ,Ive used Jersey Plants Direct for 3 years now as my brother did before me and Ive always been very pleased with the service ive recieved all my plants have arrived in lovely condition and any e-mail answered very quickly but its always good to know of other options

2 Jan, 2008


Happy new year to you. and yes you are not alone, i love nothing more than spending money on plants, but i do agree with Andrew T & M have been very poor recently i have had no end of problems with what i ordered last year. so your not missing much Spritz! and as and when you do manage to get through to customer service they have a really bad attitude, although having said that i have managed to get money back, after kicking up a fuss and demarnding to speak to the manager. i would recommend ebay - you do have to be careful - but i have found a couple of excellent plant suppliers that i use all the time and they have been brilliant, and far cheaper than T & M for some really unuaul varieties! if you want the names of them would be happy to recommend some for you! my id on ebay is the same as it is on here.

2 Jan, 2008


Happy new year Weemamabell :o)

2 Jan, 2008


I looked at the Jersey firm, and they don't sell Diascias or Angelonias either :-( So I might try E-Bay, majeeka, if you could please send me the good suppliers. Thanks. I have googled for plug plant suppliers too, but not found what I want as yet.

2 Jan, 2008


Oh dear, and I am waiting for seeds from T&M, among others! But, Weemamabell, I was just writing to say that I am really looking forward to the postman dropping seed packets through the letterbox. The search for and obtaining what we want for the garden is one of the best parts for me. I've begun a seed-sowing diary so that we won't be rushing to sow everything all at once, as usually happens here.

3 Jan, 2008


Happy new year ~ My growing is done in the greenhouse, but planning new varieties of Begonia and what colours i have and what i am short of. Ordering new varieties, this year i have ordered a variety that is new for 2008, amongst others.
I must admit that i am very much looking forward to my orders being delivered. Getting itchy fingers to start planting and to see the plants starting to come up in the propagators.
Most of my order is for Begonias from Begonia specialists, but i have had some plants from ebay - one of my favorite foilage Begonias came from ebay!

3 Jan, 2008


Happy 2008 to you Weemama. I will look forward to seeing your pics again this year.
Apart from bedding plants for tubs I'm on a plant ban this year due to moving house so will enjoy yours instead!! :o )

3 Jan, 2008


Money for your garden - I have to say that would be nice. I love looking through seed catalogues at the start of each year and am looking forward to trying some new varieites this year. I've blogged about it at:

4 Jan, 2008


oh and i would'nt worry David, the seeds i have had from T & M have been fine it seems to be the young plants and bulbs that there has been a problem with.

5 Jan, 2008


Thanx for putting my mind at ease, Majeekahead! I am only waiting for seeds.

6 Jan, 2008

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