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Amaryllis papilio... or maybe not!


Well I know its not but it was supposed to be!
On a recent visit to the flower market in Amsterdam I decided to buy some bulbs rather than a delft windmill or a clog fridge magnet.
This is what they should look like:

But I was either diddled by the market stall holder or they were labelled incorrectly. (I prefer to think the latter!)

Here is how they actually turned out so I thought I would share the pictures.
They were massive 5" bulbs and between the two bulbs I have 2 blooms and 3 further buds on their way.

I hear that to make them flower again you have to cut the flower heads off once they are over, then wait for the stalks to fade. Then take the leaves off, remove the bulbs and clean them up and store in the fridge for a few weeks, then replant!
Is this true or is it internet waffle?

Hope you like the pictures!!

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Well they certainly look lovely Stephen even if they aren't looking as you thought they would look! A good buy I would say!

1 Jul, 2012


and they've flowered quicker than I thought they would!

1 Jul, 2012


Yes I am very pleased with them. The guy did say 6 to 8 weeks for flowering so at least that was right!!

1 Jul, 2012


OK, so they're not what you expected but you've got to admit they're gorgeous!

1 Jul, 2012


Oh yes, very dramatic. Something to brighten up this dreary summer!!

2 Jul, 2012


They're very impressive. I always cut the dead flowers off, but let the leaves die down naturally .... because leaves are what makes food for the plant, and it helps produce next year's flowers. I always feed them with a liquid fertilizer aswell, after the flowers die off.

2 Jul, 2012


Good tip, thanks Hywel

2 Jul, 2012


I know nothing about them lol..but they loook fab! :)

2 Jul, 2012


Thanks Pixi - I still can't beleive how quickly they've flowered!

2 Jul, 2012


I have never grown them..not too good with indoor plants lol great that they bloom wuickly..i would like that I'm a tad impatient lol

2 Jul, 2012


lovely pictures webmoose, its a shame the packet was wrong but the flower is stunning.

2 Jul, 2012


Yes a big shame but I'm pleased with them especially as Im very much a fair weather gardener and we've not had much of that!
I've had to stake one of these today as the blooms are so heavy for it!!

3 Jul, 2012

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