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By watwat


Top tropical was a waste of time…tried looking for the seeds on there but gave me nothing..if anything just set me back an hour….id be better off ringing random people out of a phone book for seeds rather than try them again….Tectona Grandis seeds?someone please help!

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This is probably your best bet:

27 Jan, 2009 £3.75 for 8

27 Jan, 2009


By all accounts this is a difficult seed to grow and breaking the dormancy is a challenge for most experts, apparently they need a sharp temperature drop to break the 'endocarp' which is the hard coating of the seed (think of a peach or plum stone), only then will you achieve germination.
I am pants at growing seeds and don't have any patience whatsoever, but I wish you all the best. Pop the name into google and it will come up with a fair few results for seed suppliers.

27 Jan, 2009

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