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By walrus


After last years weather devastated most of my veg, this year has been brilliant.
Spuds galore, beetroot, sweetcorn, cabbage, peas, all doing well.
On the onion front I have harvested all my red onions planted back end of last year and planted some Sturon in newly cultivated ground.

Trying again to grow carrots. Can’t seem to get the hang of them.
Parsnips (which I have never tried before) are looking very healthy.
Swede didn’t germinate, but I’ll try again this weekend and hope for the best.

Tomatoes looking good. Just need a bit more sun.

Plum tree doing well although ‘er indoors spotted a slimy substance on quite a few of the fruits. Don’t know what it is but she donned a pair of gloves and removed them leaving only the unaffected ones. Hope they will be OK because I am really looking forward to tasting my very own grown plums.

Sunflowers doing very well. Most about six feet tall, a couple about seven foot.

Strawberries did well. The birds loved ’em, but the grandkids did manage to eat quite a few.

Hanging baskets of Lavatera and Fuschia coming along nicely.

I think it’s nearly time to plant Lily, Crocus and Daffs. Although it might be a bit early yet.
Hoping a GOY expert can guide me on that.

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It sounds like you have had great success with your fruit and veg---- its best to wait until the Autumn - any time from September onwards to plant your bulbs.

8 Aug, 2008


How good to hear of some successes this summer! My flowers are just not lasting as they should, and my tomatoes DEFINITELY need some sun - they are all green!

8 Aug, 2008


I envy you with your success. All the veges I sewed have failed. Well done. Hope you enjoy them.

9 Aug, 2008

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