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Oh no! The pictures have gone again. This happened before and following advise I switched my viewing. Now they’ve gone again.
What’s going on???

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Julia, a fair few members are having/have had this problem these past few days and it seems those of us who were using Microsoft Edge have now downloaded Firefox ( a free browser) which has sorted the issue.

Take a look at Hywel's blog from today and read through the comments to see if Firefox will work for you. Hope it does!

27 Jan, 2021


See if you can download firefox Waddy as I had the same problem and it's ok now!

28 Jan, 2021


Hi ladies, I have now downloaded Firefox and I can once again see your lovely pictures. I have to say though I'm not happy with having to download another browser and have to say if I have any further problems I shall probably NOT be continuing to contribute to GOY as I think it leaves too many loopholes for hackers to get through.

28 Jan, 2021


I had to download Firefox after losing my photos Julia , I must admit like you I'm not happy about all these changes .... I'm wondering if we should delete Microsoft Edge completely as it didn't work for us ?

28 Jan, 2021


There's a thought Amy. I might just do that.

29 Jan, 2021


Ladies, I shall ask daughter , my I.T. Support (!) for her advice when we speak later today.

29 Jan, 2021


That would be great Shirley. I certainly don't like all this chopping and changing I worry it leaves us vulnerable to hackers especially as this isn't a safe site and like many others I bank online.

30 Jan, 2021


Yes please Shirley I have read that it slows your computer down if you have more browsers than you need ...

30 Jan, 2021


Ladies, my daughter recommends deleting Microsoft Edge and staying with Firefox as she says the latter is a very safe browser. I just hope Growsonyou will think the same - :o)

30 Jan, 2021


Thanks for that Shirley ,it makes sense we didn't need Microsoft Edge prior to this happening ...

30 Jan, 2021


Done it deleted mine , we don't have to pay for any other security with Firefox do we ? ...

30 Jan, 2021


Amy, not that I'm aware of and I'm sure daughter would have told me ... :o)

30 Jan, 2021


Its maddening , fedup with the darn thing....

31 Jan, 2021


Thanks Shirley x

1 Feb, 2021


I have downloaded Firefox and yes I can see the photographs now, however I'm not going to delete Edge as I have never had any problems except with Goy in the last couple of days, I'm going to see what happens, veering on the side of caution for now..

1 Feb, 2021


I have had firefox for years as i had to use it when i first set my website up, for some reason i could not access wordpress admin with microsoft and on searching i got directed to firefox. It is a good browser

3 Feb, 2021


Thanks Davey, I was worried at first as although Goy started working properly it seemed to be slowing everything else down, however after a little bit of patience and tweaking everything is alright now, I'm going to stick with Edge and just use Firefox for Goy., best of both worlds so to speak.....

5 Feb, 2021


I've tried to delete Edge, but without success (I'm no teckie) so I'm going to use Firefox for GoY as Lincslass and Google for everything else, as I did in the past. I still worry that it might leave em open to hackers.

8 Feb, 2021

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