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King John's Garden An open garden in East Sussex

Sheepstreet Lane


East Sussex

TN19 7AZ

United Kingdom

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King John’s Garden near Etchingham in East Sussex. Is well worth a visit and I have walked around it several times now. Legend has it that King John II, who became King of France in 1350, was held hostage in this house for some years. King John’s Lodge is a listed Jacobean house surrounded by a 5 acre garden. I love the wild flower garden and the meadow. There are a number of water features including a lily pond and fountain in the formal garden, a wild pond and a secret pond in the woodland area. This secret pond is a meandering pleasure from the gentle waterfall at one end to the hidden dell at the other.
The garden is the mothers domain and indeed one sunny visit she came across the lawn and talked about the garden while the Nursery is the son's, which has some lovely plants and pots on sale.

28 Jul, 2011

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