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Skyline Nursery An open garden in Clallam , WA

1080 W. Hendrickson Rd.


Clallam , WA


United States

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I am the owner of this yet to be develped new but old nursery.
I work full time, so at the moment I am open only on Saturdays. I hate to give a phone number out, but members showing an interest in my plants or the gardens I work for should send me a message.

I do not take in borders, as my vacumn cleaner is sometimes on the frits and I cannot assure short notice of vacuuming the sheets.

I am so glad the zoom stopped before it showed the weeds!

My address for seed exchanges is:
Skyline Nursery
1080 W. Hendrickson Rd.
Sequim, WA 98382

Please do not send Monkey puzzle or coconut pods.

Herb Senft

29 Nov, 2008

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