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Cambridge University Botanic Garden An open garden in Cambridgeshire

Bateman Street




United Kingdom

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  • CBG - Dahlia merckii 2010-09-25 (Dahlia merckii)
    By Balcony
  • CBG Rudbeckia hirta Rustic Dwarf 2010-09-25
    By Balcony
  • CBG Rudbeckia triloba Three leaved coneflower 2010-09-25
    By Balcony
  • CBG Helianthus "Lemon Queen" Close up 2010-09-25 (Helianthus multiflorus)
    By Balcony


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If you are visiting Cambridge for any reason please visit Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Perhaps our GOY friends from overseas may be touring the UK and very likely land in Cambridge, only 1.7km from City centre. Opened 1846 therefore very established but always evolving. CUBG can boast a Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum) which flowered Sept 2004, none of us will be alive next time it flowers though. The Glasshouse hosts a stunning Jade Vine, the roots have enveloped the heating pipes which is fascinating in itself. This garden cannot rival Kew for scale but it is rewarding and a good half day excursion. Please view the web site.

23 Jun, 2008

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