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The Mill Garden An open garden in Warwickshire

55 Mill Street



CV34 4HB

United Kingdom

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  • 18th Century Stocks, The Mill Garden
    By Ukslim
  • Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis (Common snowdrop))
    By Ukslim
  • The Mill Garden, in the shadow of the castle
    By Ukslim
  • Warwick castle from the Mill Garden
    By Ukslim


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There's a leaflet available by the £1.50 honesty box. Here's some facts lifted from it:

The Mill Garden is the private garden of hte late Arthur Measures.

This peaceful garden stands in a place which, for many centuries was one of hustle and business. The whole of the traffic from the town going South and East crossed it on its way to the old bridge; earlier still to the ford. For hundreds of years traffic to and from the Castle Corn Mill came to it. At times when the Castle building work was in progress, it was little better than a stone mason's yard.

Many famous people must have come this way - all the Earls of Warwick, some of our kings and queens, probably William Shakespeare and common folk too from the town and the surrounding countryside.

Times of opening: 9am to 6pm, April 1st - October 31st. (We went on a sunny Sunday in January - I suppose we must have been lucky to find it open). Adults £1.50, young children with adults free, no dogs.

£134,880 has been raised for national and local charities between 1974 and 2006. Garden proceeds will go towards keeping The Mill Gardens open to the public, and to support National Gardens Scheme and 35 other charities.

27 Jan, 2008

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