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Phygelius Aequalis


Found this site whilst searching for the name of this lovely shrub, no one could help me with it, not even my local garden centre. Its been in the garden for a few years. I did not plant it, its really beautiful this year and I thought as I am not working at the moment I would try to Identify it.
At the front of the house I have a lovely red specimen with a further 3 the same just over the garden wall in my neighbours garden. The lady who used to live next door was a keen gardener and loved unusual plants. Mine obviously came from hers. The garden is south facing and not sheltered so its in full sun. In the back garden I have 2 yellow trumpet,again do not recall planting and there were none next door. I have just lifted one to plant in my neighbours garden, I hope I have not harmed it, although It seems okay after 5 days.

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Phygelius do tend to spread so I'm not surprised if your neighbour gave away a piece. I would have thought your local Garden Centre would have recognised it though

24 Jul, 2008

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