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mild day.


By usernut


I intended to get some work done in the garden today but as i,m just off nightshift I slept until 4ish and couldn,t get any energy to get me so just had a look at things and made plans for next year.
my wee tom thumb fuchsia is flowering again after producing berries ( which we ate).
I love the colours of this…

I managed to get some cuttings from a couple of Buddleia bushes and planted them into a pot and put in the coldframe.. there coming on well..

after I got those cuttings I found a couple of Buddleia Davidii Black Knights reduced to a couple of quid each, i,m going to put these into some very big tubs.

A Sambuca.. Black something.. is growing nicely since I potted it up..

as is this baby Hydrangea grandiflora which had earlier produced big buds that caused the branches to droop so I cut them off ( i know, I know) but it has grown well and produced more which i,ll leave on this time.

I managed to get some big tubs ready and tomorrow i,ll plant my bulbs in them which i,ll move to their positions and leave them to it.

In my coldframe my potted on cuttings from osteospermums and solanums are doing great as are some other cuttings which i,m unsure about, i,ll wait till they are a bit bigger and then try to id them.

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Great blog UN, I didn't know you could eat the berries.

15 Sep, 2009


yes , you can but most recommend making a jam with them. plenty of reciepes on the net.

15 Sep, 2009


It's grerat when you plant cuttings and they 'take'

15 Sep, 2009


I'm all for 'growing my own' so if thats the case then watch this space.......... Lol

15 Sep, 2009


It sure is Hywel, I was especialy happy with the buddliea as i,d wanted one of these for ages.. now I have

15 Sep, 2009


i dint know you could eat fuchsia berries either, is that any fuchsia? what do they taste like user? let us know ian if you make some , anyway your plants all look great user, well done :o))

15 Sep, 2009


Sanbaz, the only thing I can think they taste like is sort of grape-ish, if that makes sense.. not really a strong taste.

15 Sep, 2009


right user and any fuchsia, i dont want to poison myself here lol

15 Sep, 2009


I did some checking before I tried any of the berries and far as I,m aware any fuchsia berries can be eaten but some are sweet and some not so sweet.
try a google for fuchsia berries.

15 Sep, 2009


will do user and thanx :o))

15 Sep, 2009


Lovely photos

17 Sep, 2009

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