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Tidy shed time.


By usernut


Thought i,d better tidy up the garden shed today, throw out all the rubbish from my old hobbies and make way for all the garden needs.
I think every spider and insect for miles around lived in the shed.
I hate insects specially spiders so I quickly emptied everything from the shed and sprayed insect repellant everywhere and closed the door and left it for a while before entering back in again.
didn’t realise i,d collected so much (rubbish) in the 8 years i,ve been in the house.
so now i,ve got a nice and tidy and insect free shed (for now) so need to do that every month.
But at least i,ve somewhere to tinker about in with my plants now.
I noticed that i,ve got a bumblebee nest under the end of the shed and hedgehogs under the side of it, don,t mind these. like to watch the baby hedgehogs running around at night and the bumble bee’s are in decline and they don’t scare me.
also got blue tits nest in my bird house so would like to encourage more wildlife (smallish wildlife) as long as they don’t destroy my garden.

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Dont forget, spiders are on your side. They eat all the nasties that you dont want.

24 Apr, 2009


never thought of that...

24 Apr, 2009


Rubbish does mount up doesn't it ? Glad you got it sorted out.

24 Apr, 2009


It's a good feeling when you have cleared up like that. Well done!

24 Apr, 2009


Oooh, you've got a hedgehog! I want one! lol!! They are brilliant at eating up all your slugs and snails, you're honoured they're staying with you. Can we have piccies of them??? Pretty please???

Bumble bees pollinate everything for you, for free too! Blue tit's are soooo sweet.

5 Jun, 2009

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