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Houseplants that call when they need water?


By ukslim



I’m not sure this is worth the effort, but someone obviously did.

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"Each plant has a unique voice based on its botanical characteristics, and each has the ability to tell people when they are in need of assistance. They're also polite: they make sure to call and say thank you when they get a good watering." - from the botanicalls website

Ha Ha Ha. This must be a joke.

25 Feb, 2008


"I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!" I actually clicked the link and viewed this! The only connection I've ever known between corroded nails and plants was to bury some at the roots of a pink hydrangea to make the flowers turn blue (this works).

25 Feb, 2008


OMG !!! I think that you would have to have me hauled away in a straight jacket if all my plants started calling to me in different voices. When you think that you have seen it all :)

26 Feb, 2008


....or HEARD it all , even!

26 Feb, 2008


This is people with too much time on their hands!! But hey me too I guess since I just sat and read all the building instructions ;o )

26 Feb, 2008


what ever next? kinda takes the fun out of growing things don't you think? and i know that a lot of us do have 'little chats' with our plants, but it's when they start talking back that you have to worry! lol

26 Feb, 2008


What's good enough for HRH Prince Charles (I think) should be good enough for us, too. We should all go around our gardens every morning and greet each plant by name, (Latin, of course) enquiring after its welfare. If it answers, then the men in white coats will definitely be around to pick us up.... LOL several times. What a load of old baloney!

26 Feb, 2008


hehehe In LATIN you say! I think id have a PROBLEM THERE lol,Well beats talking2yourself :D

27 Feb, 2008


I always assumed talking to plants was a code-word for simply spending time with each one, paying attention to it. If you don't spend time looking at your plants, you won't notice when they need watering, pruning, deadheading, etc.

Not much of a jump, then, to leap from muttering to yourself, to talking to them as you would a pet. "Let's have a look at you then. How are you this morning? Ooh, a bit dry I see. Have a drink on me. Someone been nibbling at your leaves? We'll have to put a stop to that!" and so.

Ironically, this system where they talk back, is billed as a way to automate yourself out of having to spend time checking your plants.

27 Feb, 2008


This is very true Ukslim i do look@all my plants&atend their needs! or they would DIE& some times we must all admit we say things without even thinkn?

27 Feb, 2008

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