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All on my own/ new path


Well I have not done too much as I was advised by a fellow GOY member. But I have made a start to the new garden path. I have made my borders and I know exactly where the path is going.

I am going to have a seating area, from where the pic has been taken and the path is going to link up with the last path I made under my Hazel Arch and around to the Tree Ferns.

There is damp boggy grass here at the moment and really it is home to Daisy’s. The path is then going to go down and through the Arch way I made in my hedge a couple of years ago.

This path goes to the bottom of my garden to my compost bins and pond.

The bricks turn up on Tuesday so hopefully soon I can share my efforts with you all.
Then I shall sit in my new seating area admiring a different view and putting lots of flowers in the ground to brighten it all up.

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The new path is going to add a lot of interest to your garden which is already very beautiful. Every time I see pictures all I think of is peaceful and private. Be easy on your back and then ENJOY !

5 May, 2008


Is the path going to be all brick or bricks at each side? I am glad you survived the weekend with your back intact!

5 May, 2008


It's going to be a path about 3/4 bricks wide, laying side by side and about 15/20 ft long. They are going to be set level into the grass. After a few weeks it will look like they have been there for years hopefully.

6 May, 2008

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