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Caught with my Pants Down


I thought I was adult and mature enough to realise that when the weather men say there are snow showers possible in April? April! I never quite believe them. This is obviously true for the rest of the country but I live about 12 miles north of Portsmouth we always seem to have our own weather climate. But just like everyone else I a woke this morning to find we had about 2/3" of snow.

My first thought was that my tree ferns had made it through the last two years with only the crown beeing stuffed with straw, and I nearly removed this yesterday.

I’m glad I didn’t. I decided not to un wrap my banana yesterday as well. Even though it’s a tale of two stories, yesterday I was in the garden with a T shirt on and no jacket, today the fleece is back out the cupboard. Wraped up and armed with a broom I have managed to disslodge the majority of the snow on the plants that need help.

I ve helped the Daffs, Tulips, Hellibores and basically anything else to stand up again. My Black Bamboo was laying horizontal.

Now that it’s early afternoon, every thing seems to be enjoying the sunshine. Tulips and Daffs are all showing off as planned. The Echiums are standing stiff and proud. The Tree Ferns are getting over the shock of having the snow bend there fronds.

These things are sent to test us and overcome. Wether it’s trial and error, or we are well planned for the attack, nature definately tests us.
I hope everyones snow melts quickly.

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First of all very funny title for this blog well done it gave me a right giggle I have to tell you and cheeky me had to have a little peek! lol.

Anyway thank goodness you had the good sense yesterday to not remove the coverings off your tree ferns and god only knows what you would have been left with!

I hope that this 'funny' weather doesn't last long as it's a bit of a bum at this time of year!

6 Apr, 2008


Ha ha - good title - made me look!

Here in west mids, NO SNOW!! :-( But I went for a long walk by the river today and there were a couple of breif snow showers and sunny spells - sometimes snowing and sunny at the same time?! What's all that about?

6 Apr, 2008


LOL - Pants down - my first thought was - this weather is likely to freeze ya bits off! lol - and i know what you mean, i too did not believe the weather warnings - and a couple of days ago me and brooke where out in t-shirts too, i have also moved some of my pertunias and geraniums out of the greenhouse and planted up into wall baskets, in a very sheltered place still a bit risky i know but run out of room in the greenhouse for them - luckly i did know that this 'april shower' -lol! was a possibility so i went out last night - just incase, and made little tents over them with recycling bags - bit different but it seems to have worked. i have also managed to find time to shake snow off all of my shrubs that were bowing under the pressure, but by the time i got back this afternoon it had all melted anyway and now the sun is shining! absolutely crazy! so Trees, your not the only one nearly caught with pants down! lol

6 Apr, 2008


I feel bad for you all with all that snow. Mother Nature sure can give us surprises in April. 24 years ago today in 1984 we got a wicked blizzard that dumped 32 inches of snow on us. I remember it well because it was my partners 40th birthday. I remember having to climb out our kitchen window to get out because we were unable to open the front or back door. We had 4 to 5 foot drifts and I remember just barely seeing the roof of my car. I'm in the middle of a large city and it shut us completely down for almost three days. I guess the only consolation is that snow doesn't last long at this time of the year. I hope that you all didn't get too much damage.

6 Apr, 2008


None in West Somerset - glad to say!

7 Apr, 2008

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