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Kitchen garden raised beds project.


Yesterday I started removing various plants that I had growing in area that I used for anything I didnt have a permenant home for.

As well as a Rhus, Buddleja, Hydranger and several other plants including fern, Yuccas (4 of) and plenty of others, the plants all came out some are in new positions in the garden others are in pots awaiting a new home.

Well earlier today I removed the last of them leaving me ready to create my raised beds for veg.

Having dissmantled my aquired pallets I have now constructed my raised beds. I’m going to need to aquire some more to give them a bit more height, so I can get the soil nice and deep.

But they will do for starters.

I know they dont look gogeous like some of the bought ones or by using sleepers or scaffolding planks but I think they will serve their purpose of retaining soil.

Dug out loads of old slabs, bricks and stones so they are being used as a path inbetween the new beds.
The lower two are in a brilliant position as I can walk by the pond and access them there as they are close to the wall, making them waist height.

I would have liked them all straight but when you have tree stumps to work around you dont really get a choice.

A few more planks to make them deeper and then plenty of compost and soil to be added.

What should I plant first?

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You've done a great job there in using recycled timber. It's no use spending money on 'fancy' things that will only last for the same amount of time. And you'll get more satisfaction making your own anyway. Good for you. :-))

12 Jul, 2009


I'll second that, Silverbelle, they look fantastic T&T. I used old fencing panels stripped down for my beds, nothing fancy, just enough to do the job. There are some very nice commercial raised beds available but why sacrifice more trees when these things can be put together with just a little imagination and a few nails. Gets my vote any time :~))

Hope you keep us up to date with your new project T&T, I for one can't wait for the next installment!

12 Jul, 2009


Somebody said in a recent blog that Rome wasn,t built in a day,T&t ,seems like you are tryng to discount that statement,LOL,you are certainly getting on with it and its coming together nicely good on you for recycling your wood,more you save on that means more cash for the important bit and we all know what that is,Well done......

12 Jul, 2009


Goodness, you don't hang about do you? You must be shattered after all that digging up and putting together. It looks great and I am looking forward to your next instalment - the planting :)

12 Jul, 2009


Bet your wife got a surprise when she got back and saw how busy you have been. Did you manage to get the house tidy as well!!! It's looking good, you'll be showing us pics of veg up to your knees in no time at all at this rate!

12 Jul, 2009


You must be worn out after all that. looks good.

12 Jul, 2009


Definately shattered, busy looking through veg books seeing what I should plant and when.

House still a mess but I have one more day before my wife returns.

12 Jul, 2009


looks very good and you have certainly worked hard.
surely wife wont mind when she sees the beds :o)

12 Jul, 2009


great blog, looks like you're having fun.
I too did not buy the commerical ones and we made are own, as long as it does the job, that is all that matters..

look forward to hearing what you will plant first

mrs melon x

13 Jul, 2009


It's a great project. I hope you managed to get all the rhus roots out as I know they're a devil to get rid of!

14 Jul, 2009

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